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Zazzle Giveaway: Win a $25 Gift Certificate! (CLOSED)

Valentine's Day Giveaway @allthefrugalladies.com

All the Frugal Ladies is happy to collaborate on a giveaway with Zazzle so one of you lucky ladies (or gentlemen) can win a $25 gift certificate to be used in their store!

Entering is easy! Use the Rafflecopter widget below and follow the instructions. One lucky winner will be picked on February 14, 2015 and will receive this exciting Valentine’s Day gift in their email inbox.

Please review the terms in the Rafflecopter widget before entering! (They are next to the “Enter” button)

WINNER!! James S. Congratulations! 

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Zazzle has some awesome items – especially for Valentine’s Day. We’ll start the ball rolling by showing you three of our favorite products.


What better way to show your lack of affection this Valentine's Day? ;)
What better way to show your lack of affection this Valentine’s Day? 😉
Stop trying to make fetch happen!
Stop trying to make fetch happen!

Good luck!!

Thanks to the following sites for listing the giveaway: International GiveawaysCrokki, HyperSweep,  Giveaway PromoteContestBee, ContestChest, Giveaway Frenzy, Any Lucky Day, I Love Giveaways, Sharkki, Contest Listing, Giveaway Cube, Contest Heat, Contest-Corner

Check them out – they have tons of more giveaways!

About Dana Torres

Born and raised in Israel with a ten year interval in New York, Dana considers both places her home. She first made the choice to commit to a frugal life when she signed up for a degree in the Humanities. Today she loves nothing more than to share her newly learned skills and experience in thrifty living with others.

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  • mckim

    I like the Fast Food deer t-shirt.

  • Wehaf

    I like the Byron’s Lady cards from scribbleprints.

  • Danielle Day

    Cute! I Love You a LATTE! T Shirt

  • Brittney House

    I like the taken shirt.

  • ella

    I love the Underground Sun by Egon Schiele Throw Pillows made by Zazzle home

  • Marilyn Nawara

    I would have to get the Cool Belly Westie Wrist Watch — it is great!

  • jane

    I would get my husband a mug.

  • Tricia Galbraith

    The mugs are cute.

  • I like the I Love Guinea Pigs wallet.

  • sarahhirsch

    i would love to get personalized custom postage stamps

  • Patricia Colletti

    I’d like to get “This Book Belongs To” Labels for my kids.

  • sarahhirsch

    I also like the monogram pillows

  • chris hoey

    I think the mugs are cute.

  • My Flower

    i would get something for best friends

  • paleface

    Probably a mug since I like coffee and tea.

  • mommyto2girlz

    I would maybe get my daughter the Fastpitch Softball Leggings
    Thank you!
    crystalfaulkner2000 at yahoo dot com

  • Menu

    I love the Cookie face kids tee! Not sure that’s what I’d get but it’s a definite contender 😉

  • msrodeobrat

    I love the

    Elegant Embroidered Monogram Jacket

    Entered as Ashley C

    addictedtorodeo at gmail dot com

  • I like the noisy guinea pig (tortise shell) t-shirt.

  • sarahhirsch

    i’d buy custom postage stamps

  • scribbleprints
  • Christina O

    I want that internet is broke t-shirt.

  • I like the guinea pig wedding t-shirt.

  • sarahhirsch

    i would buy custom postage stamps

  • julie murphy

    I would like the my husband’s wife is freaking awesome tee shirt

  • scribbleprints

    I would buy riboon…or guitar picks.

  • I like the bride word cloud coffee mug.

  • The pillows looks absolutely cute –
    Pink Peony Throw Pillows

  • sarahhirsch

    I would love to get custom postage stamps

  • debbie_suburbsanity

    I’d get some create your own post it notes for me and gifts.

  • Amanda Whitley

    i would get my husband a tshirt that says jeep upside down so it spells beer.

  • I also like the geocache math t-shirt.

  • Altusbecky

    I would get a Funny Chalkboard Whatever I’m Late Clock

  • Omegaice

    My wife would love the cats love tails mug.

  • sarahhirsch

    I would buy custom postage stamps

  • jeand

    Recently I showed my friend the Zazzle mug, “Remember to close all parentheses. We’re not paying to air condition the entire paragraph.” She LOVES it, so of course I’d love to buy it for her birthday.

    Thanks for a great giveaway!

  • I like the Thrift Store Diva button.

  • sarahhirsch

    I would love to get custom postage stamps

  • I also like the Bridge and Groom wedding date postage stamps!

  • amy deeter

    Ombre Watercolor Love Throw Pillow / Lime Emerald Pillows

  • sarahhirsch

    lots of cute stuff on zazzle but i really want some custom postage stamps

  • My fiance would love the one man’s trash is another man’s geocache t-shirt.

  • sarahhirsch

    I really want to get the custom postage stamps for my daughter’s party invitations

  • tinareynolds

    I like the wind turbine american style apron

  • Erica Carnes

    I like the Alphabet pillow.

  • I would order the I’m not sleeping I’m resting my eyes T-shirt.

  • Lisa Garner

    I would use this to make the Purple Photo 18th Birthday Party Invitations

  • Stephanie Larison

    I would get the short arms dodgeball dinosaur tshirt

  • Laurie Murley

    I would love to have the Pug Life – Funny Dog In A Sweater Pillows

  • Kassie

    I would get the diamond makeup mirror b

  • sarahhirsch

    I’d really love to get some custom postage stamps to mail out invitations

  • Kristy Thiel

    I think I’d get one of the watercolor pillows. Thanks for hosting!

  • Karen Drake

    I like the Thank God I’m Flawless Coffee Mug.

  • Colleen Long

    i would definitely..absolutely..without a doubt..buy something that has a cat on it.

  • sexybrat

    I would get the Black and White Nautical Anchor Monogram Bluetooth Speaker.

  • aekz2

    I would like to buy the I Love the 80’s Geometric Neon Eighties Party Tee Shirt

  • Lisa Vanhook

    I like the purple craft maker,,,,just so happens purple is my favorite couor..

  • Emily

    A long sleeve tshirt! I have a kind of strange obsession with long sleeve cotton tshirts, absolutely love the ones on zazzle.

  • heather c

    I love me some cute pillows. I’ll take this one: Abstract Bright Watercolor Paint Splatters Pattern Throw Pillow

  • Karen A.

    I’d get some breast cancer and childhood cancer buttons. I ordered some from Zazzle a few years ago and wear them every day on my work jacket. They’re getting worn so need some new ones.