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It’s Sushi Time!

I am a huge sushi fan (and so is my husband), and we find ourselves spending A LOT of money on sushi restaurants and take away. It’s (relatively) healthy, delicious, and filling, and we eat it at least twice a week (sometimes even 5 times a week!) The sushi is great here in the Middle East, but back when I …

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Are women taking more chances with their money?

The feminist revolution made big waves in the 1960’s following women’s emancipation and growing role in the workforce. However, albeit the passing of more than 60 years, women in the 21st century are still suffering from economic, social and cultural gaps that carry political, economic and social repercussions. One of these gaps is the financial gap; it is a well-known …

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DIY Home Remedies for Grooming your Dog

About a month ago I wrote a post on DIY home remedies to make for your dog when he’s suffering from dry skin, kennel cough, diarrhea, constipation, and other unfortunate conditions. We’ve gotten some good feedback on it, so this time I decided to share with you my best tips and DIY home remedies for dog grooming. These are all tips that have worked …

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DIY Homemade Remedies for Treating Your Canine Pal

Taking care of your dog’s health can be a huge expense. Bringing him to the vet for periodical check-ups and shots, buying medicine when required, having him/her sprayed or neutered…all these can definitely run up your bill! And dog owners with more than one dog have to pay double or even triple (and so on)… So while it’s always important …

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We Have Joined the Yakezie Challenge!

When Jess, Jessica and I started this blog, we had high hopes. We were hoping to start a fun, smart personal finance blog with a touch of female  perspective. We were hoping to inspire other ladies to be responsible with their money and budgeting, learn how to save, and share any great deals or ideas we come by. We’re already …

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Hello and Welcome!

Welcome to the new All the Frugal Girls site! We'e here to share our numerous personal finance tips and more. Follow us to stay updated!

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