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Fun & Creative DIY Halloween Costumes

Although Halloween always falls on October 31st, so many festivities have already been taking place this weekend. For those who still looking for costume ideas, but don’t want to either spend lots of money or shop in crowded stores, we’ve done the research for you! We have a good mix of clever, timely, sexy, and nostalgia for you, so enjoy!

The best (and cheapest) Halloween costumes we came across so far!

Walter White

Walter White (from Breaking Bad)

Free or around $15 and requires little to no work

Choosing to be a character from the brilliant series, Breaking Bad, is not only a clever and timely choice, but also a budget-friendly decision. To dress like Walt, you really only a green colored shirt, the courage to wear your whitey tighties, high length socks, and some loafers or shoes. Don’t forget to add in the standard mustache and glasses for good measure!

There is a whole site dedicated to helping fans transform into our favorite Breaking Bad characters – check it out for more ideas: http://breakingbadcostume.com/


Poison Ivy Costume

Poison Ivy (from Batman)

around $15 and requires work

Super fun and easy to create a Poison Ivy outfit, and you’ll look sexy as an added bonus! Most of us have some body suit (or one-piece bathing suit). Sew fake ivy and leaves onto the bodysuit in a “climbing” pattern. The top part of the bodysuit should be covered in ivy and leaves. Do you have a green dance skirt? If not, black will also be fine, especially if you add more of the leaves, vines, and ivy to the skirt.

Cover up your arms and legs with some of your mom’s long gloves and your own leggings or tights. Finish off your costume with boots! Use green dye or just construction paper add greenery to the look, as most of us don’t have a green pair lying around 🙂 This is best for natural red-heads, but if you really want to complete the look, you may have to splurge on a red wig!


pac-man costume


Potentially free and requires work

While new video games are always sweeping the nation, Pac-Man remains an iconic game character – and a really fun Halloween costume idea! This could be potentially free to construct, depending on what you have at home and how dedicated you are in finding about either a very large cardboard box of several boxes to tape together. There is a more detailed process and also a simplified 4-step approach you can follow here: http://www.ehow.com/how_2342511_make-pacman-costume.html


Frodo Baggins costume

Frodo Baggins (from Lord of the Rings)

At least $30 if you buy the costume or requires some work

If I went through some of my grandparents’ old clothing, I’m sure I could dig up some treasures for this costume! Try to dig up some brown and short trousers (or fold and pin them up). Next, you simply need a button-down vest and long coat. This might get tricky, and might require a trip to your local thrift store, but it can also be a fun adventure. Don’t forget to add the chain and golden ring to seal the deal that you are in fact, the chosen one! Truly, anyone call pull off Frodo Baggins!

Check out more budget Halloween costumes in our Pinterest board:


What is your Halloween costume this year? Are you making a homemade costume for the kids? Tell us about it! Happy Halloween from the Frugal Ladies!


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