How To Get The Best Wear Out Of Your Specs

If you wear glasses, you know how tedious it can be when you need to replace your favorite pair.

Once you have your perfect spectacles, you’re going to want to take great care of them to avoid having to go through the entire process again.

However, if you are cautious with your eyewear and you make the right decisions, you can increase their longevity with ease.

Find a Pair That Suits Your Needs

Before you can begin to take care of them, you will need a pair of eyeglasses that suit your everyday needs.

If you live in a place with a lot of sunshine, you could prefer glasses with photochromic lenses that darken automatically. Similarly, you should try to purchase a pair that suits your bone structure.

For example, if you have a wide face or high cheekbones you will benefit from a pair of low bridge glasses. This will stop them from falling off and sliding down your nose.

Wash Them Carefully

Part of taking care of your glasses includes washing them properly. Before you start to rub your lenses with a cloth, make sure to rinse and remove any dirt that has settled.

If you start wiping when your glasses are dusty this could cause scratches. If you want to use a spray to clean them, make sure you invest in a product that has been specifically created to clean eyewear.

Some household cleaning products contain ammonia, a harmful substance with the potential to tear off any coating found on the lens. 

Store Them Properly

Another very common problem that occurs when people aren’t wearing their glasses is that they don’t bother to store them properly. Dust and dirt can worsen the state of your lenses and even cause them to scratch.

With a proper case you can avoid your specs from getting broken or bent. If you are not a fan of bulky cases, you can even opt for a sleek microfiber pouch that will avoid any scratches.  

Wear Them Correctly

You can also increase the longevity of your spectacles by making sure that you are wearing them correctly. It is vital to get rid of any bad habits when it comes to wearing your glasses.

For example, when you remove your specs, try to get used to using both hands. When you remove your glasses with one hand, the motion can change the fit of your frames and misalign the way they sit on your face.

Another bad habit to avoid is putting your glasses on the top of your head when you are no longer using them. This can widen the frames and cause them to fall off of your face.

Glasses are very useful in everyday life, however, having to replace them on a regular basis can be both expensive and tiresome.

That’s why you should always take excellent care of your glasses and try to get as much wear out of them as possible.

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