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Free Mother’s Day Gifts for your Mom

There’s a frustrating custom happening worldwide: the concept that you must buy a product for each holiday and celebratory day. But you know what? That’s just the achievement of brilliant marketing by part of companies. You don’t need to buy a gift for every single occasion. The truth is, the best gifts are those that come from the heart, and that stands for Mother’s Day as well. There’s many options that free or relatively cheap and will make all the difference for the mommy in your life.

Here’s a few great ideas:

1) A coupon book


Mommies can get exhausted. Wouldn’t it be to nice to gift them with an opportunity to take some alone time or get their way? A coupon book is easy to make – come up with ideas of things that mom could need. Here’s some examples that could get your mind running with inspiration:

  • 3 hours away from the kids
  • Bubble bath time – I set the bath, you relax.
  • Cleaning, drying, washing, mopping
  • Breakfast in bed
  • Going to bed with no complaints

There’s a larger list to look at here and Penny Candy Studios has an awesome printable! (Featured above)

2) A collage or video of pictures


Making a collage or video is much easier than it sounds! There is software available online that will do all the hard work for you. All you need is to figure out which pictures you want to use, if you want to write anything sweet, and if it’s a video – what music you want. You can either scan your pictures or take photographs of them.

My recommendation is to go  back many, many years – since mom was pregnant with you. Use pictures of you both in different stages of your life as you grew up. Finally, the very last picture should be of you both in recent times.

Here are some promising video creators:

Here are some photo collage makers:

3) Make a list of everything you love and appreciate about mom


Being a mom can be tough and usually, appreciation for all her hard work is not expressed. This is your chance to put it all into words and show her how much you love her. It’s a gift that keeps on giving – anytime she’s down, she can take a look at it and remember how much she’s loved. Plus, you can make it look really pretty with pickmonkey.com (linked to above) or another graphic software. You can also create a little booklet!

A few example lists:

Some booklets with instructions:


What are you gifting your mom for Mother’s Day? Tell us below!

About Ronnie E.

Ronnie is the frugal Latina of the group. Hailing from the beautiful Andes Mountains in Bolivia, she lives and breathes frugality. She loves to figure out how to spend less money and takes on the challenge of finding great deals and cheaper options every day.

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  • CouponDivaAndi

    some interesting ideas i hadn’t even begin to think of… 😀

  • Lisa Jones acouponaddict

    Thank You For The Great Tips Ideas & Links I Love Doing Stuff Like This!

  • Amanda

    The card book idea is so perfect for my mom and grandma. They literally spend hours playing cards!

  • Constanza Oller de Moore

    Love the idea of them taking over the my chores for 1 day!

  • Love the ideas Ronnie! Bought my mom and my grandma accessories! 🙂

  • Rochkirstin Santos

    Being a mom is really tough and so they deserve all the gifts in the world regardless of the cost and form.

  • I miss my mother immensely having lost her on christmas day 2010! I think that the greatest gift you can give to any mother is your time! I wish I had more time spent with my mother!

  • Those are sweet stuff that every mom would love to have 🙂

  • lloyd fernandez

    Such a creative Idea, I’m sure my mom would be happy If I gave her one

  • Joanna Sormunen

    These are really cute ideas! I really like the cards and the messages can be so much more personal than anything you can get from a store.

  • Nikki

    I love the idea of giving gifts that are both meaningful and cheap! I’d rather get one of these over a gift card any day- it shows the recipient you really care!

  • Documenting positive words is important… Especially for moms who are always overworked and underpaid. It’s nice to have something physical to look at to remind one how wonderfully appreciated they are.

  • esluka

    The list is fun. She could keep it at her desk. My boys could do that as a Grandma gift!