The Single Girl’s Guide to Valentines Day

We’ve all experienced at least one Valentines Day without a partner (I would think!) Many single ladies take the entire 24 hours of February 14 to wallow in self pity and feel sorry for themselves that they don’t get to share the day with that special someone. But ladies, it doesn’t have to be like that! Take the day to celebrate your independence. Take the day to celebrate the fact that you can do absolutely anything you want without having to consider your partner. Feel like sitting in front of the TV with an ice-cream tub one night? Do it! Feel like doing that for an entire week? No-ones stopping you! Feel like watching the latest chick flick? Okay so you get my drift… The point is, being single is not a punishment, it’s a choice. It’s also the best time to get to know yourself and just how awesome you really are. So when February 14 comes along, put away the tissues and bookmark this page for some ideas regarding how to spend your day!

Use The Day to Create Awareness

February is Heart Disease Awareness Month (yes there is actually something more important than Valentines Day in February) so use the day as best you can to create awareness and support the cause. Invite a group of girlfriends over for a girly evening with a glass of wine or two, delicious dinner and a hilarious movie. Ask each girlfriend to not spend money on roses and chocolates, but rather on a donation to a Heart Research Foundation. Not only will you have a great night, but you’ll be contributing to an extremely important cause.

Gather Your Girlfriends And Paint The Town Red!

Just because you’re single it certainly doesn’t mean you’re alone! Nights out with close girlfriends can be the most fun, so gather all your single friends and hit the town! Go to a karaoke bar for some hilarious laughs and sing your lungs out with your closest confidants by your side – it really is one of the most fun things you can do! If you’re not into karaoke then opt for a club or quiet bar to enjoy a glass of wine or two. Whatever you choose, if you’re with you’re closest girlfriends, you’re sure to have an incredible time!

Have a Date With Yourself

So often we spend time pampering others and forgetting about ourselves – well on February 14th that’s all going to change! Clear your schedule and make a date with yourself. Have a relaxing bubble bath with lavender oils and surround the room with candles – bring your favourite book and simply relax! Later on, order your favourite take out and chill out in front of the TV. Seriously what could be better?!

As you can see, Valentines Day as a single lady doesn’t have to be so terrible! It’s a wonderful time to celebrate your independence. How do you plan on spending Valentines Day this year?

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