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Frugal Furnishing Ideas

I recently posted about the house my husband and I recently bought. We are planning to move in in about a month, and so the time has finally come to think about furniture! We don’t have the option to furnish the entire house with expensive items (much to my displeasure!), so we have had to come up with some creative ideas. It’s very easy to get caught up in the excitement of moving into your very own first home, and wanting to fill it with beautiful things. But as my mother-in-law reminded me – we are still very young, and our tastes will definitely change over time. So the smartest thing to do now, is not to buy very expensive furniture, as we will no doubt want to change it in a few years (and when kids come in to the picture!). So I thought to give you some tips on how to furnish your dream home beautifully, without spending uneccessary amounts of money!

‘Like’ Furniture Stores on Facebook

I think I must have ‘liked’ about 200 different furniture stores on Facebook over the last few months. That way, I could always keep up with the stock that was coming in, and I knew where to get the items for the best prices (many of the stores had the same stock, but just manage to sell it for different prices!) I could also keep up with all sales – the best part! I made a folder in my iPhone with the different pieces of furniture I had my eye on, and that way, I could come into each store with the pictures, which saved a lot of time. We bought a beautiful couch, chair and foot rest from one shop, and because we bought a few pieces, they gave us a really great price!

Make Pinterest Your Friend

Pinterest should seriously be your best friend! Download the app, and search for creative home ideas. I was in complete shock at the sheer genius of some insanely creative people! My favorite thing I found on Pinterest was definitely how to turn Ikea nightstands into extremely expensive looking masterpieces! I had my eye on a set of mirrored nightstands, but unfortunately they were quite out of our budget. When I saw a video someone had posted about how you can create the exact same nightstands with simple Ikea ones, I knew I had hit the jackpot! All it took was a bit of spray paint, mirrors, glue, and cute handles, and I had my dream nightstands at the fraction of the price!

Make Do With What You Have

Unfortunately we can’t have everything we want at the exact time we want it. I am not crazy about the dining table we currently have, but I’ve decided to just make do with it. I bought a few gorgeous table cloths to cover it, and now I feel much better about it. We also have a very heavy and dark wood set for the TV and a bookcase – I thought it looked too ‘massive’ for our new house, so we decided to paint it white, and it honestly looks like a completely different set. Suddenly, it looks modern and almost dainty – it’s amazing what a bit of paint can do! Look around at what you currently have, and think of ways you can incorporate it with the new – after all, a bit of old furniture brings the kind of character into your house that you just can’t buy these days!

About Jess

Jess hails from Sunny Australia and is the youngest of the frugal ladies. She loves shopping for a bargain, reading, watching movies and spends most of her life on the beach

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  • Neha

    this one is so nice, like pinterest is something i use for really everything. Yes, all kinds are so important the fancy and antique, everything.

  • TheNewClassy

    I think you have done a pretty good job with what you have thus far. I understand that it is frustrating not to be able to do everything that you want to the house immediately, but, hey, at least it is yours to do with what you please!

  • I love seeing upcycling ideas from people. I think it’s a great way to make use of old furniture and update it as well. These are all awesome!

  • mail4rosey

    I never thought to use Facebook to keep up with stock. I didn’t even know you could! Learn something new every day. 🙂

  • Mardene Carr

    Congratulations on the purchase of your new home. Thanks for the links to keep up with items for the house

  • Love it! I’m a sucker for finding stuff on the street and giving it new life with sanding and paint. I actually found a new shoe cabinet a few months ago!

  • Julie Syl

    Those ideas are really frugal and great for home decor. I will bookmark this for the future, we are planning to buy some home decor.