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Dealing With Financial Emergencies on Holiday

We’ve all done it: spent hours, days and weeks staring at holiday brochures deciding where to take a holiday. Then we book it and pay for it and spend the next few months saving up the spending money. But, when we are budgeting for those hot lazy days on the beach and the nights spent in romantic seafront restaurants or noisy clubs, we tend only to think about what we’re going to spend on food and drink, and a few postcards.

So, what happens the day before we go off to the sun? We empty our bank accounts, knowing full well that soon after we get back it will be pay day, so no worries.

Then we fly off to our sunny destination.

Ah, paradise!
Ah, paradise!

Surprise, surprise, things can and do go wrong while you are on holiday and if you haven’t got a credit card, you are going to need cash. Just look at these typical reasons for needing cash quickly:

  • Accident in a Hired Car – Luckily nobody is hurt, but the car hire company want you to pay the excess, which in your holiday haze, you didn’t bother to cover. The amount can vary from country to country but it is likely to be at least a few hundred dollars. You can’t get out of it because you gave your passport to the nice car hire man when you hired the car at the hotel.
  • Medical Bills – It seems like a good idea at the time: hire a couple of quad bikes and race off along the country tracks, and so it was until you fell off. You’ve just come out of the local hospital where they have stitched up a nasty gash in your leg. It’s cost every penny you’ve brought with you and there’s still ten days left to go and, your travel insurance have told you that you are not covered to ride a quad bike.
  • Missed Flight – Okay, you promised yourself you wouldn’t drink and you are spent up anyway, but it is the last night and your back at work next week. Problem is, you’ve woken up in a heap in a hotel room that’s not yours and you’ve just realized your flight back home left two hours ago. When you eventually get to the airport, the airline confirms there is another flight out, but you will have to buy another ticket.
Ouch - this looks expensive
Ouch – this looks expensive

As you can see, there are plenty of things that can go wrong and if they do, you need money fast. If you’re stuck in one of these emergency situations, go online, get a payday loan from Wonga. They will transfer the money into your bank within minutes, and then you can get it transferred by Western Union and pick it up from one of their branch offices. Just make sure to consider this option only in case of an emergency situations, and only if you are 100% sure that you can pay back on time. The interest rates are very high on payday loans because they are meant as temporary solutions.

Pay your bills, take a sigh of relief and keep your fingers crossed that nothing else happens to you. Keep your receipts because if you are insured, you may well be able to claim the money back once you get home and the insurance company can investigate further. Just don’t forget to pay your debt back asap!

Have you ever had an emergency situation while on holiday?

About Ronnie E.

Ronnie is the frugal Latina of the group. Hailing from the beautiful Andes Mountains in Bolivia, she lives and breathes frugality. She loves to figure out how to spend less money and takes on the challenge of finding great deals and cheaper options every day.

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  • mena & taty

    It is so important to always be prepared. You are right, just because you are on vacation doesn’t mean surprises are coming your way…

  • I’ve been lucky enough to never had quite such a disaster (I did lose the train tickets once thankfully Euro Star printed us another copy the local trains weren’t so nice though had to rebuy those) x

  • Pam W

    Once when we were out of the country on a business trip with some other people from the company where my husband worked, a coworker’s wife died. The government wanted $3000 upfront to fly her back to the US. We were all trying to get money to send her back home.

  • Marielle A. Lord

    Gawwd hope these things didn’t happen to you!! How dreadful. The only vacation i take is when i go back to Florida to see my family. so we save on hotel, food, and yea, pretty much everything lol We did rent a mini van for one day because we wanted to take all the kiddies to the beach. no accident (we did get the insurance just in case though).

    • I fell in the tub 3 years ago during vacation, and fractured my ribs… 🙁 And the worst part was that I really didn’t have any money for the hospital so I just suffered through it until I got home a week later!

  • Robin Rue

    Oh man, thankfully I have never had a disaster like this happen to me while on vacation….and I hope it never does. Yikes.

  • Lawna Young

    I would hate to have any of the above happen during a vacation. We will definitely bring extra cash on us next time we go on a vacation.

  • amanda ripsam

    I would just love to be able to afford to go on a vacation. I think when I do get the chance to ever go do to financial issues I would defiantly keep some of this into account.

  • Payday loans sound like great options but what are the interest fees? I’ve never tried one but was warned not to ever do them.

    • They are high! I wouldn’t recommend you take one except as a last, desperate option.

  • anitabreeze

    Oh wow, these are really things that nobody wants to talk about or think about when it comes to going on vacation! But we really should because any one of these things could completely ruin a vacation that we work so hard to save up for!

  • Michele

    This happened to a client of mine–what a fiasco that was!! She had to get home because well the best doctors were here and she could not walk or use her arm. It took almost a year to get everything straightened out–getting the health insurance to pay was the absolute worst!!

  • Theresa

    It’s very smart to always bring a little more cash than you plan on needing. Like you said, emergencies happen, so best to be prepared!

  • Mel Cole

    Cash savings are important so that if insurance bills and accidents come up, you will be prepared or at least you have money for those emergencies.

  • ashj3nt

    We haven’t been able to fly anywhere tropical for our vacations, but oh my gosh the stress that you described! A nest egg for emergencies is the only way to go!

  • I’ve never had an emergency situation while on holiday, thank God. However, I think it is important to always have a contingency plan, in case of emergencies, while traveling.

  • I’ve never had an emergency situation during the holidays and I’m thankful for that – my mom always do precaution and I believe planning is necessary – thanks for this tips.

  • Chrishelle Ebner

    We have been very lucky not to have ever had an emergency cash situation while on vacation. My husband and I always budget for our trips and make sure there is plenty left in the bank account. But these are great tips and things to think about when you travel.

  • Mommy2Jam

    Ok these are all great tips to remember when traveling. I wouldn’t have known about the ride or additional medical costs or even the possibility of missing a flight. Thank you so much for sharing.

  • yes these are great tips, never thought about it, but now I will, Our next trip is coming up I will keep this in mind

  • Melanie

    Good tips for someone who travels. Some of these I didn’t think too much about but they are great! We plan on taking a trip next summer so I will keep them in mind.

  • brokeGIRLrich

    Oh my word, this is why I absolutely always travel with a credit card. Especially one that will work in foreign countries without dinging me with huge fees. Traveling with money makes me so nervous and you lose so much converting it each time too.

    I hope the quad bike incident was a theoretical example.