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What’s in your Wallet? Yes, a credit card!

Does anybody ever pay with cash anymore?! Why is it that people use credit cards so extensively? A person who doesn’t have a credit card may feel like he’s dodging ‘a bullet of debt’ but what about the many benefits that credit cards can have on ones finances?

For those who can’t control their temptations (and therefore spending habits), should stick to cash. However, if you are able to use your credit cards like cash and are able to pay off the balance at the end of every month, credit cards can offer some great benefits.


It’s quick and easy:

Why bother to pay with cash and carry around coins if you have a credit card in your wallet. The most exemplary benefit that credit cards offer is convenience.

No need to carry cash:

Going to the bank machine could be hectic since your spending habits change frequently depending on your needs, so why not having a handy credit card up your sleeve?

Good credit rating:

A rock-solid credit rating could be built by charging and paying off thousands of dollars in expenses each month. It helps you when applying for loans as people with good credit scores are accepted right away with the lowest possible interest rates. Even students could apply for loans for their university degrees if they have good credit ratings.

Visa is widely accepted:

From your every day purchases at the grocery store, to online spending, and even bigger expenses such as travelling, Visa credit cards are widely accepted worldwide. Credit card users enjoy this benefit since they can conveniently make all kinds of transactions with their credit card.

Facility of automated billing:

Bills of all kinds such as cable, phone, car, you name it are automatically taken care of if you subscribe to automatic billing. It’s a lot easier, as one only has to worry about one kind of bill at the end of each month – the credit card bill!

Free swag:



If you use your credit card regularly, you’d be able to collect and redeem miles for your purchases. Spending is necessary sometimes, so you may as well be rewarded for it!

Here are some tips for getting the most out of your credit card:

  1. Don’t get tempted by cards offering so many benefits without asking for any payments. There are many ‘small print’ payments that catch you by surprise! Be picky about your cards since the cornerstone of any credit card reward strategy begins by having your preferences and goals aligned.
  2. Try to comply with the reward policies and make sure to earn as many rewards as possible.
  3. Get yourself educated about the credit card and be informed about all the recent happenings in credit card processing.
  4. Stay on top of your credit by making payments in a timely manner.
  5. If you’re carrying interest on a credit card, consider transferring that balance to consolidate your credit card debt onto one card to save money on interest charges. By consolidating your credit card debt to a single card, you have a single payment to make each month rather than four or five.

Add a plan in this New Year to carefully look at how you’re using your credit cards and whether you’re getting the most out of them.



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  • cookiesandclogs

    It always amazes me that there are some who don’t have credit cards at all. Even if you don’t use them, credit cards are essential for travel, hotels, and many other things.

    • Charleen H.

      Debit cards can be used like a credit card or like cash.

  • Kay Adeola

    I hate credit cards too much of a temptation to spend spend spend.

  • TheNewClassy

    It is really nice not to carry cash sometimes. Credit cards can definitely be very convenient.

  • Pam

    We don’t use our credit card all the time, but it’s great to have for gas stations. I also like getting the rewards from using it and paying it off regularly.

  • My husband is great at keeping track of our cards. I am good at using them. We do use the cards where we benefit from them and take advantage of that.

  • I wish I was better at using my credit card like cash and paying off the balance each month. I am not too bad but I do tend to carry a balance.

  • I got into bad debt at age 18 with credit cards and never been able to have one since, and never wanted one again. I do love what a credit card can do for you as you mature and are able to properly handle one. I am not in a position where I would want one, just yet, but certainly am glad you are sharing what Visa has to offer, sounds like a great credit card option for those looking!

    • Charleen H.

      Hi Brandy, long time no chat. You can use a debit card just like a credit card or use it like cash.

  • mail4rosey

    Some hotels won’t let you stay without a credit card. I think you need one to rent a car too. They do have their perks.

    • Charleen H.

      You can use a debit card in most places versus a credit card. We did when renting a car twice and always do when getting a hotel room.

  • I am working on getting my balances in check. Hopefully income will continue to come in so that I can.

  • Ora Lee Gurr

    I earned some points with my credit card and was able to get a $25 gas card and 2 $25 cards for restaurants in the city I was going to visit by using the points. It is hard to resist the temptation to spend, but I am getting better at it.

  • I love getting the swag! I put all of my utilities on my credit card so I earn more swag.

  • arichter01

    Swag is great! Great tips for your credit card, thanks for sharing!

  • Ann Bacciaglia

    I love earning rewards when i shop. I just make sure i pay off my cards each month.

  • I have not had a credit card in ages. But I am thinking about getting one now!

  • I am scared of credit cards. I did some damage in college…Its gonna be a minute before I own another card.