Fun Things to Do When You’re Broke

Whether your bank account is still recovering from expensive holiday gifts, you’ve been let go from your job or you’re simply struggling to make ends meet, don’t worry we’ve got your covered! It’s no secret that money certainly does not buy happiness (hey, it’s a cliché for a reason!) and it definitely is possible to still have fun without spending money. Don’t believe me? Read on! Read read read! keep-calm-and-read-a-book-358    Sure, reading isn’t for everyone, but it’s certainly worth it to give it a try. Reading is one of my absolute favourite activities (and it doesn’t require you to spend money!) A book can transport you to a far away magical place where you won’t have a worry in the world. Join a local library and spend your free time on a comfortable couch with a hot cup of tea in the one hand, and a wonderful book in the other. Still a ‘beginner’ reader? Think of your passions and interests and base your book choices on them. Read a biography on your favourite band or read more about a historic event that interests you. The Red Hot Chilli Peppers front man has an excellent biography called ‘Scar Tissue‘ which would appeal to all you music lovers. Whatever you do, just start and I guarantee you’ll get as addicted as I am! Start a club money-club No, starting a club is not only for 10 year old girls! It can be a great way to socialize, bond with like minded individuals and expand your knowledge! If you love books then why not start a book club with some friends – decide on a book you will all read and then meet monthly to discuss your thoughts on it. If you’re still not convinced that books are G-d’s greatest gift (;)) then why not start a money club? Gather a group of friends who are in similar financial positions as you are and meet once a month to discuss all things money! Create a budget together and motivate each other to stick to it – once you’ve all managed to save a bit of money, brainstorm different ways you’d like to invest together. Being held accountable for your actions can be extremely beneficial!

Host a dinner party


Hosting a dinner party can be quite pricey, so why not organize for everyone to bring a dish? That way you’re only responsible for making one dish like the others! Make sure to use whatever you have in the fridge to create your master piece! There are many recipe sites online like that you can use as a guide. Make it a fun ‘Master chef’ style dinner where everyone rates each other’s dish, and the winner gets the biggest serving of dessert! As you can see, you don’t have to spend a lot of money to have fun! As the famous saying goes; ‘the best things in life are free’ (and yes that can also relate to entertainment!)


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