Jessica J.

A native New Yorker, Jessica left behind the Big Apple almost 4 years ago to pursue new adventures around the world. Powered by caffeine and a relentless curiosity, she has now settled in Tel Aviv Jaffa with her husband, American cat, and a new appreciation for budget management.

Get to Know ‘Love Chic Living’

Love Chic Living

Last week, I was taking a look around our blog and realized we are lacking in the “home & decor” department. I can’t speak for Ronnie or Jess, but I know I could use some help and budget-friendly advice regarding styling our apartment. While I have some vague sense of design and our home certainly has its shining moments, I …

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Small Business Cost Cutting Tips

Want to save money for your small business? Running a small business has many advantages, especially in the way you choose to increase profits and expand your business. If you’re looking for more ways to cut costs and pull in better returns, it can be useful to consider some of the main areas of potential cost relief. Outsource! Running a …

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How to Fund Your Small Business Idea

Open Business

Do you have a small business idea, but can’t seem to get it up and running? Starting a new business requires hard work, a great idea, and a financial plan for launching your vision into reality. If money matters are your biggest hurdle or fear, there are a number of ways to find funding for a new business plan! With …

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5 Kick-Ass Giveaways to Kick Off the New Year

Sverve birthday contest

Simply put, the presents and surprise gifts don’t have to end with the holidays! The Internet is continually buzzing with fun sweepstakes, contests, and giveaways. And, truth be told, bloggers are the kings and queens of hosting these wonderful opportunities. Heralding in the New Year With Giveaways While publishing giveaways is new territory for All the Frugal Ladies, we have …

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Last Minute (Frugal) New Years Ideas

“What are your New Years plans?” I’ve probably been asked this question at least 10 times today. As a young adult living in New York, I always had an answer – and my answer had been planned well in advance. From house parties to clubs to bar hopping, NYE always involved champagne, music, and dancing. It also meant spending money …

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#FrugalReads – December 27th, 2013

Looking ahead at 2014, I recently read through a range of inspiring and budget-friendly articles to get us in the right frame of mind. If you want to travel more this year, buy a home, or expand your family, you’ll need a plan. Here are some great articles that can help you establish some guideline rules to help you achieve …

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#FrugalReads – December 17th, 2013

December is always a cheerful month because of the holidays. However, even with all the lights, snowmen (depending on where you live), and the vacation days off work, it can also be a time of pressure, worry, and stress. I think the truth is most of us feel the some sort of strain, whether it comes from our wallets, free …

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#FrugalSuccess Story – December 9th, 2013

Let's Make a Deal

Let’s Make a Deal! Today’s #FrugalSuccess actually involves three different stories that share the same success in common: Awesome Bargaining Skills. In the US, I must admit we’re not used to bargaining on price as rates tend to be fixed and we just don’t have much opportunity outside the flea market to flex our bargaining muscles. After visiting many countries, …

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5 Tips for a Budget-Friendly Thanksgiving

thanksgiving meal

Are you hosting Thanksgiving dinner this year? Are you in charge of bringing the stuffing? If your responsibility is to bring more than wine to the Thanksgiving table, you likely have some work ahead of you. And because this is no ordinary meal, it requires strategy and planning ahead. If you’re hosting Thanksgiving dinner on a tight budget, the pressure …

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#FrugalSuccess Story – November 18th, 2013

As you know, our #FrugalSuccess Story section is meant to shine a spotlight on average everyday people around the world who have dug their way out of debt, managed to save large sums of money, or have found smart ways to earn cash. From overcoming massive student debt to opening up a bakery business, we’ve now read dozens of stories …

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