Jessica J.

A native New Yorker, Jessica left behind the Big Apple almost 4 years ago to pursue new adventures around the world. Powered by caffeine and a relentless curiosity, she has now settled in Tel Aviv Jaffa with her husband, American cat, and a new appreciation for budget management.

Getting Ready for a Baby on a Budget

Image courtesy of Feelart at Money Saving Tips for Your New Arrival I’m at that age when my friends are starting to have children of their own. When I look at all the photos they post on Facebook, I would be lying if I said I didn’t feel a yearning to have a little guy (or girl) of my …

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Basic “Exercises” To Get Your Finances in Order

Get Into a Frugal State of Mind First and foremost, being frugal is a lifestyle choice and requires some serious commitment. I’m far from one of those amazingly motivated people who manage to wake up and go running or swimming in the morning. I have friends like this and it almost feels like fitness and healthy living run in their …

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5 College Degrees That Pay Off

When I was in college, choosing a degree based on how much projected money I would receive by working in that field was the very least of my concerns. My university was still damn expensive ($35,000 / year in 2000), but the housing crisis and economic downfall was not even in near sight. I was a happy-go-lucky college student and …

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#FrugalSucess Story – July 15th, 2012

live your passion

#FrugalSuccess Story: Turning Your Passion into a Money Maker Today is our very first Monday #FrugalSuccess Story and it comes from Elle Green (now “Chef Elle“), who took her hobby and made it into a career. You may have read about her story as it was published in quite a few places, but this is an inspiration example of how following …

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Top Celebrating Events for the Fourth of July 2013

Nashville July 4th Concert

My childhood July 4th memories have always been filled with colorful fireworks and the smell of hamburgers and hotdogs on the grill. In NYC, where I grew up, the Macy’s 4th of July Fireworks have always been the main attraction. Whether watching the show on television with family or squeezing in with the crowds along the West Side Highway, the …

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Most Popular Finance iPhone Apps

iPhone finance apps

Top 3 Personal Finance Apps Review I don’t know why, but checking your finances and managing your budget on your iPhone is a much easier – and even fun – process. It’s amazing how numbers, spreadsheets, calculations, and charts seem much more interactive and inviting when they are served up on your smartphone vs. on paper or even the computer …

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Top Tips For Paying Off Your Student Loans

Student Loan Debt

Back in 2010, student loan debt became the biggest forms of debt in the U.S., surpassing even credit card debt! Today, student loan debt is reportedly beyond $1 trillion mark! This is something you simply cannot ignore. And, the earlier you get prepared, the better. I graduated college in 2003, and only now am I starting to see the light …

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A Trip to Cambodia – Beyond Siem Reap

Cambodia Travel

Cambodia on a Budget is Easy & Worthwhile When most people decide to visit Cambodia, they tend to plan their entire trip around the wonders of Angkor Wat. I get it.  One can easily spend a few full days exploring this ancient “City of Temples” and still be floored by the sheer massiveness of the temples, ruins, and incredible tree …

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How to Plan a RTW Trip in 3 Easy Steps

Getting Prepared for a RTW Trip

Get Excited! You’re About To Embark on a Real Adventure! To start things off, planning a RTW (Round the World) Trip is not a decision you take lightly. Such a once-in-a-lifetime experience requires some serious thought and sacrifices in the finance and career department, but it can also lead to more rewarding work & life opportunities down the road.Taking a …

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Great Wedding Money Savers

Wedding on a budget

Using Technology & Creativity To Save Money on Your Wedding Everyone is well aware of the inflated costs associated with adding the term, “wedding” to anything. Looking for a cake for your party? No problem. Looking for a “wedding” cake? That will cost you an extra $10 per slice! Many of us come out of our engagement proposals with a …

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