Honeymooning on a Budget

A honeymoon is supposed to be one of the most exciting times in a married couples life. It is an opportunity to get away and spend quality time together after the stressful hustle and bustle of planning a wedding. However most couples tend to spend beyond their means when it comes to their honeymoon. Even if you can afford an expensive honeymoon, why not invest that money in your future together instead? Put it in a high interest bank account, or begin to invest in the stock market. So often the core reason for going on honeymoon is lost behind the glitz and glamour of the latest cruise or 5 star hotel advertised. A honeymoon can absolutely be an incredible experience without being extremely luxurious and expensive. Here are some alternative ideas for your honeymoon!


There’s no better way to find absolutely everything out about your husband/wife than whilst camping. It can be a fantastic opportunity to see how you both can cope without material possessions and just focus on the love you have for each other and nothing else. Camping can be extremely fun and therapeutic, and thankfully it is very cheap (if not free.) Most camping sites don’t charge more than $20-$30 for a whole week! It could be one of the most romantic ways you’ll ever spend 20 bucks!


A ‘homeymoon’ is exactly what it sounds like – spending your honeymoon right at home. Prior to the 19th century a traditional honeymoon involved a couple staying at home for a month straight in order to really get to know each other. It could be wonderful to take a month off work and any other commitments to just relax and spend quality time together without any other stresses – and of course you’d be saving a fortune on flights and expensive hotels!

Road Trip

The traditional road trip with a bunch of friends could take on a whole new meaning when going with your significant other. Rent your dream car for a week and pick a few destinations you’ve always wanted to visit but never found the time. You can bring your favourite foods in the car with you, and then choose some special restaurants to dine at along the way. Check out this site for some other great road trip ideas.


You’d be surprised to find the sheer number and variety of retreats all around the world. Whatever your hobby, you can find a retreat where you can fully immerse yourself in it. From cooking, to meditating, to painting, you’ll find it all! There are many retreats that are very inexpensive and are more about celebrating hobbies rather than making money. It can be a fantastic experience where you can both take part in activities that you are really passionate about. Check out China tours from the UK for more information on some incredible (and affordable) retreats in China plus some other ideas.

Working Honeymoon

Who says honeymoons have to involve going away? What about dedicating a week to volunteering for a charity close to both of your hearts for a week? It will undoubtedly be one of the most memorable experiences of your life, and you will get to take part in it together. It will bring you together spiritually on a higher level and will be an extremely rewarding experience that you may choose to even continue throughout your married life.

How did you/do you plan to spend your honeymoon? What are your budget ideas?

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