How To Save Money After The Wedding

So you’ve had your dream wedding, the honeymoon is over, and now it’s time to get back to reality. Straight after your marriage is the perfect time to start seriously looking at your finances and considering your future. Whether you want children or not, saving money for your rest of your lives is imperative – you never know what surprises are around the corner and you need to make sure you are as prepared as possible for every possible scenario. Here are some of our tips for saving money after your wedding.


Make your own lunch

I can’t stress this enough – buying lunch every day at work is an unnecessary expense. Yes it may seem like a small amount at the time, but every day, every month, every year it seriously begins to add up. Get creative with your lunches and impress your workmates – not only will you be saving a huge amount, but making your own healthy lunches is much better on your waistline than buying the kinds of fast food that your workmates eat.


Invest in a coffee machine

If you’re a hardcore coffee fan, then that $4 a day cappuccino is doing nothing for your savings plan. Good coffee is a must for certain people (all of my friends) and therefore investing in a coffee machine actually works out to be a much cheaper option in the long run. Have a look on craigslist for good quality second hand machines, or even have a look at your local opp shop – you never know what you can find there! Just make sure to test it out before your buy it…


Use your skills

Instead of paying cash all the time, why not exchange your services for those of another? For example if you are a yoga buff and you know that your hairdresser wants to try it out, then why not offer her a couple of lessons in exchange for your next hair cut? Use your talents as much as you possibly can – you would be surprised to find how many people would be open to participating in a system like this. Just give it a go!


Save electricity

Unplug your electrical appliances when you’re not using them! When you leave the house, make it a habit to go through your checklist and unplug all that you can. It may take a few extra minutes from your day, but it will save you a lot of money in the long run.


Kick the unhealthy habits

Even if you’re just a casual smoker/drinker, if you actually sat down and calculated how much money you spend on these things, you would get a huge shock. These habits are extremely unhealthy and an extreme waste of money. Every time you feel like buying some beers or a pack of cigarettes, put that money aside instead. You’d be surprised to find how quickly you’ll be able to afford a nice holiday with that money, and then you’ll be super happy that you kicked those terrible habits!


What have you done to save money after your wedding?
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