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5 Ways to Rise Above Temporary Financial Hardship

Beating Financial Hardship

Sensible financial management relies on budgeting and other proven principles to ensure your income covers household expenses. Along the way, however, unexpected or extraordinary costs can interfere with cash flow. Job loss, underemployment, costly repair bills, and other forms of hardship exact a heavy toll on family finances, but there are creative ways to overcome temporary financial setbacks. If you see a …

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How to Worry Less about Money

Money is a curious thing. It is a mere piece of paper, yet it determines our habits and goals in life. We are living in times when money is never far away from our mind, and worrying about it seems to be a real epidemic. But, we are supposed to be the master of this paper, not the slaves to …

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4 Methods Of Hassle-Free Investment

Investing in the stock market is appealing to a lot of people, but the actual process can be a little bit overwhelming. Setting up a stock portfolio typically means picking a trustworthy broker, putting a significant amount of money (sometimes up to about $25,000) into your account, and then attempting to manage a dizzying amount of activity. Meanwhile, you’ll have …

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10 Habits You Should Stop to Start Saving For a House

The first step in a home down payment = saving. As long as you're spending frivolously, you won't reach it. Are you guilty of these bad spending habits?

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Save Money and Invest it in the Financial Market

Saving money and investing is the foundation to your financial success. Some of the world’s richest have built their wealth by investing it wisely from the get-go. I may not be among the richest, but as soon as I paid off my debt and started saving, I placed it all into investments. Since then, it’s been a roller-coaster ride with …

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RRSP Meltdown Strategies – How It Can Put Your Retirement at Stake

According to fundamentals of macro economics, one’s earning has two parts – expenditure and savings. The amount of one’s savings is equal to his investment (Here we assume, the person behaves rationally and does not keep his savings in a hidden coffer at home instead of investing). In this article, we will talk about a different aspect of investment strategy. …

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5 High Profile Female Traders

Women in finance

Who are your top women in ‪‎finance‬? These are our picks for top 5 female traders & investors, inspiring us on the daily!

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Choosing the Right Bank Account and Using Online Banking

Having the right bank account is very important when it comes to your own and your family’s finances. The point of having a bank account is to keep any and all funds that you have safe and in a convenient-to-use place. Many people are now finding that the majority of banks out there are offering online banking. What online banking …

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Debit vs. Credit Card Protection Explained

When it comes to keeping consumers safe, not all plastic is created equal. Both credit cards and debit cards provide good protection for account holders. However, credit cards have an added layer of protection since they aren’t directly linked to a savings or checking account like a typical debit card. In the event of fraud or theft, there’s also a …

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How Taxes Affect Same-Sex Couples

Like clockwork, just as spring weather starts to set in, tax time enters and Americans are racing against the tax deadline of April 15. Some people may like to get their taxes out of the way as soon as they receive their W2s and may have their tax refunds in their accounts before Tax Day arrives. Others put off filing …

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