Budget Friendly Entertainment Ideas for University Students

Many people say that your ‘university years’ are the best years of
your life and I have to agree.  For me, they were filled with all
sorts of fun as well as an all-encompassing thrill of having
absolutely no idea where my life would take me post graduation.
However you don’t have to spend your university years in the typical,
stereotypical binge drinking and excessive partying way that so many
do. It’s an expensive and unhealthy way of life – especially if it
continues throughout your entire college life. Instead, this is the
perfect time to start putting a bit of money on the side for your
future, whatever it is you may decide to do with it.

I’ve put together a list of budget friendly entertainment ideas for
all you future students out there! And if you’re a mum, feel free to
share these ideas with your sons/daughters – having fun doesn’t mean
you have to blow your entire life savings!


Volunteering can be one of the most rewarding things a person can do.
Not only will you be helping others, but there is no greater joy than
knowing you have made someone’s life just that little bit easier. Find
out where the nearest soup kitchen is, or look online for local
charities. Not only a wonderful, rewarding deed, but also great for
your resume.


There’s a reason why so many of us loved to bake when we were young –
it’s so incredibly fun! Invite your friends over and scour the
millions of recipes online for some inspiration. Not only is it an
absolutely delicious task, but it’s a great way to spend quality time
with your friends.

Read the newspaper

Of course to keep up to date with what’s going on in the world, but
also to find out what’s going in your city! Your local newspaper lists
free or cheap events happening in your city all the time – you’d be
surprised at the variety of activities!

Movie nights

Who doesn’t love a good movie night?! Bring out the popcorn and get
your friends to bring their DVD collections – there’ll be lots of variety to
choose from so you wont have a problem pleasing everyone.

Have a sleepover

Invite the girls over for an old-school style sleepover (the dress
code should of course be pyjamas!) Paint each others nails, do each
others hair and read magazines. Whilst it may sound childish, it
actually can be super fun, and you’ll all find yourselves laughing till
you cry!

Go and see some bands

Whilst Coldplay and the big names would charge a fortune for a ticket to their show, one of my favourite things about university was the massive variety of young bands trying to make it big. They perform at various venues around the city and the cover-charge is super cheap. Whilst it is a bit of ‘pot-luck’ in terms of the quality of the bands, rest assured that there is a huge amount of incredible talent out there, so you’re more than likely to enjoy!

Anyway those were a few of my favourite things to do in university that didn’t require spending a lot of money – What are/were yours?


About Jess

Jess hails from Sunny Australia and is the youngest of the frugal ladies. She loves shopping for a bargain, reading, watching movies and spends most of her life on the beach

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