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Where to Eat in LA on a Budget

Love LA? Love eating out? Thought it’s not possible to go out and eat at restaurants whilst sticking to a budget? Think again! Whether you live in LA or are planning a holiday there, it would be worth your while to find out the best (and of course budget friendly) places to eat. To help our loyal followers save time, …

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Enjoy Affordable Tourism in Germany & Celebrate 25 Years of Reunification!

Germany is one of my favorite go-to destinations in the world. I just love to experience the landmarks, history, people and cuisine first hand. As someone who has been to many Western European countries, I also consider Germany to be one of the easiest on the pocket – you can enjoy the country and its tourist activities without breaking the …

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Why a Cruise is an Amazing, Budget Friendly Vacation

I don’t know why, but until recently I had never thought about a cruise being a ‘budget friendly’ vacation – I also had never really considered going on one. I pictured a lot of old people, terrible buffets and being seasick. However a few months ago, a good friend of mine came back from a 7 day cruise in Europe …

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Unique Cruises That Will Surprise You

River Cruise

Growing up, my grandmother would talk about beautiful cruises she went on and my parents would join their friends once in a while for a cruise holiday. In my mind, I pictured cruises for either retirees, older couples, or for families only. I pictured large boats with casinos, basketball courts, and day trips to tropical islands. It never had much …

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Orlando on a Budget

Orlando is definitely an amazing choice for a holiday, whether it’s for couples, families, singles or friends, there are a million things to do to keep you entertained. Research is key when it comes to planning an Orlando holiday on a budget. It’s best to start planning your trip at least 4 months in advance to ensure you find the …

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Best Weekend Breaks in Wales

Wales is blessed not only with beautiful countryside, seaside resorts and thriving cities but it is also small enough to travel around to different destinations within the space of a few days. If you are looking to visit Wales this winter here are 5 top destinations to enjoy for the weekend or if you’ve got longer you can try and …

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Greece on a Budget

I just returned back from a fabulous (much needed) holiday in Greece! I was always under the impression that Greece was not exactly a budget friendly place for a holiday – but after doing a lot of research, I found out that if you stay away from the more ‘commercial’ islands (Santorini, Mykonos and Ios) you can find many other …

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Malta – Where Island Dreams Can Come True (at a Low Price!)

Who doesn’t dream of an island vacation? But for many of us, the idea relaxing on the beaches of the Bahamas under a palm tree is just a fantasy for someday far in the future. Like when we’re too old to enjoy it, basically. But did you know you have other options? Let me tell you about a secret little …

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How to Travel, Every Year, for the Rest of Your Life

Travel, without a doubt, is one of the most thrilling experiences you can have (at least in my opinion). It’s amazing experiencing new cultures, foods, entertainment, and scenery. But wait, there is more! Beyond the adventure of a trip, it is also absolutely refreshing once you return because it feels like your batteries have been super charged. So what is …

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Get to Know The ‘Travel Fashion Girl’

Travel Fashion Girl

Travel + Fashion + Budget = Possible! Today, we’re excited to introduce you to Alex, a “travel stylist” and full-time blogger at TravelFashionGirl.com. Alex brings a unique twist to budget travel by writing about fashion and beauty as it relates to travel – and packing! With 6+ years of travelling full-time under her belt, we figured an interview with Alex …

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