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Black Friday Store Opening Times & Offers

Black Friday store opening times and offers

Planning to shop on Black Friday? Your one stop for planning is here. Take a look at our list of store opening hours and the best deals on offer!

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Frugal Personalized Gift Ideas

Whilst Christmas is a super exciting holiday, and one that most people look forward to the whole year, it can also be very stressful trying to stretch your salary out to buy gifts for all your loved ones. But Christmas doesn’t need to be a time that sends us into credit card debt. With a little bit of thought, you …

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My New Discovery… Couponster!

So my best friend is moving to the UK. I’ve had a few days for it to sink in, but to say I’m out of ‘crisis mode’ would be a lie. We have been inseperable all our lives (she was practically waiting for me when I came out of the womb!) and we’ve never spent longer than a few weeks …

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Meet the Next Generation Shopping Engines

Saving money through online shopping is great - but how about taking it one step further and saving even more with these new shopping engines? It's a shopping revolution!

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When the Cheap is more Expensive

Stiletto Mishap

Sometimes, investing in higher quality is the more frugal option. You don't want your items breaking down or to get bad service! Here are some examples of items and services I'll personally pay more for to avoid bad quality. Just like my grandpa used to say: the cheap - is expensive!

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How To Get Your Hands on Desirable Gadgets and Gizmos – Without it Costing You a Penny!

We are in the middle of a technological revolution and nearly all of us are desperate to get our hands on the latest toys and gadgets as soon as they are released. However, keeping up with the relentless flow of progress can work out to be very expensive! Especially if you plan on paying the full recommended retail price for …

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Keeping in Fashion on a Budget

In this age of austerity, it can be difficult to pay the bills let alone worry about keeping in fashion. However to all the fashionistas out there – don’t fret! There are ways to keep in fashion whilst not breaking the bank. Here are a few of my tips for shopping on a budget.   Scour second hand shops. Good …

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5 Easy Ways (and 1 Secret) to Save Money Shopping Online

Saving money on online shopping can be easy! Here are 6 strategies to get you some heavy discounts and deals!

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