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Budget Gift Ideas

Whether it’s birthdays, engagements, mothers/fathers days or housewarming parties, there are never a shortage of occasions that require you to come baring gifts! Unfortunately with so many of these occasions happening all the time, it can be quite detrimental to your saving efforts. However with a bit of creativity and thought, you can purchase/make some awesome presents that whoever is …

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Winter Goodies You Can Buy Now For Cheap

One of the best frugal tips I’ve ever received from anyone is to think ahead when it comes to seasons and savings. Buying items you need ahead of time and ahead of seasons is an excellent idea and can end up saving you thousands in the long run. So what are the essential Winter items that we’ll be buying this …

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Trans-seasonal Pieces on a Budget

With sunny spring fast approaching we’re all hankering for a bit of a sun so we can fish out our summer dresses and shorts – but hold your horses! Unfortunately a lot of countries weather is quite unpredictable at this point, and going out in your short shorts may prove to be a terrible idea! A cute cardi would be …

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A New Kind of Shopping: 3D Printing

3d printing shopping

Technology isn’t usually a big topic over here, but you have to admit it plays an important part in our lives – and helps makes things easier, faster, and even cheaper! Today, I want to talk about a technology that is only starting to make its way into our homes and lives, so you’ll be prepared when your kids start …

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5 Awesome Things you Can Get for $5 on Fiverr

The frugal ladies are big fans of Fiverr, an online marketplace for services sold at $5. Check out the great quality goodies we found there for super cheap!

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Scoring Beautiful Jewelry at Affordable Prices

Anyone who knows me, knows that I will never leave the house without being fully adorned in jewelry. Period. I will never be satisfied with an outfit (no matter how fantastic) without the perfect pieces of jewelry to go with it. So as you can imagine, I have built up quite the collection of jewels over the years – and …

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Make Your Christmas Cracking This Year

Christmas is coming and the anticipation of oodles of lovely gifts has children and grownups on tenterhooks as the festive countdown begins. However for many, the joy of opening beautiful gift wrapped presents has been somewhat dampened over the years thanks to unimaginative parcels containing monogrammed handkerchiefs, knitted jumpers and…… socks. Men especially seem to be the worst affected at …

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15 Gorgeous Fashion Items under $10

Finding fashionable and chic items under budget is doable! Check out 15 beautiful pieces of women's clothing that costs $10 or less - including shipping!

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Bonus Gift Cards for 2013

Bonus Gift Cards 2013

Looking for extra bonuses with your gift cards? Check out this complete list of Bonus Gift Card Offers for 2013!

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The Best Bargain Online Shopping Sites

I’ve stopped shopping at shopping centers. Period. I cannot handle the crowds, the lines and the overly ‘helpful’ shop assistants. Luckily we live in an age where everything seems to be going online (shopping included.) I really love being able to shop from the comfort of my own home – taking as much time as I’d like and not having …

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