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Effective Tips on Efficient Use of Home Energy

Looking to save on your home's energy consumption? Here are some effective ways to reduce your energy bill and consumption with just a few cheap hacks!

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5 Tips to Help you Save on Garden Decoration

Garden decoration isn’t known for having the most affordable costs or long-life durability. However, being frugal ladies, we know that there are great ways to save money on garden decoration and furniture. There’s no need to go broke to have a beautiful garden – it’s all about being creative with your budget and putting some extra love into saving! Let’s …

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3 Frugal Friendly Ways to Decorate your Bedroom

There’s no need for a major upheaval of your bedroom to give it a new look. Many people place thousands of dollars into redecorating rooms in their home, but if you’re frugal (and you mean it), then you can find affordable alternatives that will add just the touch of change and décor you were looking for, all without breaking the …

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Is My Home Covered While I’m Away on Holidays?

One of the most obvious times for a problem to occur in your home is when you are not in it. If you are off traveling and bad weather hits then you are restricted to the amount of defensive action you can take. It’s also a sad but true fact that you being away from your home can make it …

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Remodeling Your Bathroom on A Budget

Need a freshly remodeled bathroom? On a budget? There's hope! In fact, there are a lot of very cost-effective bathroom remodeling tips and techniques.

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Budget-Saving Home Décor Tips

home decor budget

After doing some Spring Cleaning, you might be thinking of new and fresh ways to style your home. Instead of making a spontaneous (and potentially very costly) trip to Bed Bath & Beyond, you can start making some wiser and long-term decisions on how to give your home a bit of a facelift. You Don’t Have to Be a DIY …

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A Simple 7 Step Guide to Saving Your Mortgage Deposit

Buying a home is the dream of a lifetime for so many of us, and for most of them, it will be the greatest financial investment we ever make. However, to get your foot in the door of home ownership, it is necessary to make a deposit against the mortgage loan. After college, many of my friends started saving immediately …

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Get to Know ‘Love Chic Living’

Love Chic Living

Last week, I was taking a look around our blog and realized we are lacking in the “home & decor” department. I can’t speak for Ronnie or Jess, but I know I could use some help and budget-friendly advice regarding styling our apartment. While I have some vague sense of design and our home certainly has its shining moments, I …

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Re-doing Your Bedroom on a Budget

It’s always been my dream to re-do my bedroom and create the type of room you only see in magazines. I’d spend hours watching renovation channels on TV, flipping through ‘Home’ magazines and reading books about interior design. The problem was that the thought of re-doing a whole bedroom is extremely overwhelming – mostly from a financial perspective. As much …

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How to Start a Gift Closet

Southern Living Gift Closet

Have you ever heard of the term gift closet? Until recently, I hadn’t, but it’s both a smart and frugal option that will pay off in the long run. See, a gift closet is an area in your home (not necessarily a closet) where you keep pre-bought gifts for birthdays, holidays, anniversaries, weddings, baby showers and any other occasion you …

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