The Pros & Cons of Indoor & Outdoor Wedding Venues

We Frugal Ladies love to find opportunities to save. Weddings can be expensive, but there are always cheaper options and frugal decisions to take on an otherwise pricier wedding. From using free wedding invitation designs to asking friends & family to help out with preparation, there are always ways to save.

Always remember – yes, it’s a milestone in your life, but it’s also a party, and a party should not put you in terrible debt. That’s no way to start a marriage!

So today, we wanted to look into a decision every couple has to make… whether you should select an indoor or outdoor venue for the wedding. Let’s dive into the pros and cons that come along with each type of wedding venue!

Great example of the goodies that you can only get in an indoor wedding: smoke effects, gorgeous chandeliers and video screens. These all add to the elements of luxurious celebration and fun!Source:
Great example of the goodies that you can only get in an indoor wedding: smoke effects, gorgeous chandeliers and video screens. These all add to the elements of luxurious celebration and fun!

Pros of Indoor Venues

  • Let’s start with our usual priority: finances. Indoor venues tend to have an all-inclusive package. That means they include catering, music system, decoration, utensils & dishware, cooling/heating, lighting and so on. Because they are all usually in-house and ready-to-go services, the overall cost per person can go down vs individualized hired services.
  • There are a lavish selection of indoor wedding venues to be found. They are usually more elegant than outside venues.
  • Talking about selection, many indoor wedding venues have various ballrooms depending on the number of guests expected to come. If you have fewer guests, that means lower costs: why pay for a larger space than you need? Point in case: if you take a look at Anoush banquet halls in Glendale, CA, they offer 7 separate ballrooms that can fit anything from 64 to 550 guests.
  • Indoor venues are usually split into two, with a smaller area for the reception and a larger one for the ceremony. Packages usually include both in the price.
  • Having your wedding at an indoor venue also offers you a controlled environment. This means you will not become a victim to the outdoor elements. Humidity, rain, snow, sleet or shine your wedding will commence just as planned.
  • Older guests will be appreciative of the air conditioning and heating, and especially not having to seat under the sun.

Cons of Indoor Venues

  • Booking prices! Depending on the venue, you might expect to pay a higher rate to book the location. This will prove to be especially true during the chilly fall and winter months when most of the outdoor venues do not see much business. That being said, booking far in advance will be a necessity during the busy indoor wedding season.
  • Some couples prefer to bask in the natural beauty
  • Choosing an indoor wedding venue means that you could find yourself restricted in what the venue and space will allow for in terms of added decor. That means that you may have to conform your vision to that of which the venue will accommodate.
  • Space constraints are an issue. Hopefully, you find a place that fits all your guests comfortably. But if the space is small, they can feel cramped.
Nothing beats the scenery of an outside beach wedding!
Nothing beats the scenery of an outside beach wedding!

Pros of Outdoor Venues

  • There are many ways to save money on outdoor venues. First, if you outsource all the extras such as catering, lighting, etc. then you can do some price comparison shopping and there is room for negotiation. Additionally, you could take the wedding to an even more simplistic route and not hire some of these services altogether. For example, perhaps instead of a gift, you can have a pot-luck wedding. That’s really a thing!
  • Options abound with outside venues… you can get married in the beach, a park, a winery, the forest or whatever your region has to offer in terms of beautiful landscapes and outdoor venues.
  • Some couples prefer to bask in the natural beauty, so it’s a perfect fit for nature lovers. Let’s face it: indoor decoration may be beautiful, but there’s nothing like a stunning scenery.
  • Outdoor venues are like a blank canvas. Couples can decide how to decorate and set-up the space with less limitations than an indoor venue.

Cons of Outdoor Venues

  • Prices can add up… significantly. Some outdoor venues have all-inclusive packages, but others rent out the space and expect couples to hire services separately. Sometimes, that can mean more money to spend… setting-up lighting, music, hiring catering, renting chairs and tables and so on can end up costing more individually then as part of a package. This is especially true in areas where there are a limited number of professionals and services in the field and thus less competition keeping prices down.
  • Some guests may be uncomfortable because of the temperature. If it’s too hot or too cold, guests’ energy will decay. This is particularly relevant to younger and older guests who will get moody or need attention and assistance.
  • You are a slave to the environment. If it rains or gets very humid or windy, there is nowhere to escape the conditions. In extreme conditions, you may even have to cancel the wedding!
  • Restrooms. Beware: not all outdoor venues come with restrooms. Make sure your outdoor venue has one, even if you need to rent porta potties!
Where did you celebrate your wedding? OR if you haven’t gotten married yet, would you prefer an outdoor or indoor venue? Tell us below!

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