Are you Curious about Germany? We Are!

Recently, I wrote an article about the 25 year reunion of East and West Germany, a historical moment that was epitomized by the Berlin Wall coming down. My research about this monumental anniversary opened my eyes to the beauty of Germany – a beauty that I was unaware Germany had to offer.

From stunning natural forests to villages, hikes, soothing rivers and intricate architectural buildings in the heart of some of the oldest cities… I was blown away. It inspired me to place Germany in my travel bucket list.

Take a look – I’m sure you will join me in the inspiration!

It’s interesting to see that Germany has created an exciting touristic plan based around the 25 year reunion. Their #germany25reunified campaign is smart – it involves opening touristic spots that were significant to the divide between East and West Germany as well as the reunification: places like villages that were split or forests that were inaccessible to civilians… what a fascinating experience to walk through it all and share in the many stories!

We can’t all travel to Germany, but we CAN all experience it online through this playlist of #germany25reunified videos that were created in honor of the campaign.

As you watch, think about a few reasons why you absolutely must to go to Germany:

  • It has an incredibly rich history that goes back thousands of years
  • You can enjoy a unique culture that needs to be experienced in person
  • Forests, hikes, and utter peace away from the hustle of urban life
  • Experience the most wonderful classical music from famous German composers in concertos in the heart of Berlin
  • Christmas in Germany is… unreal…
  • German people are some of the kindest I have ever met – and quite the lookers.
Christmas in Germany (Photographer: Rene Schwietzke)
Christmas in Germany (Photographer: Rene Schwietzke)

I wouldn’t be a good frugal lady unless I showed you frugal options to help you keep your costs down on a trip to Germany:

  • Cheap flights through airlines like Ryan Air
  • Plenty of hostels that will host you for fair rates
  • Alternatively, try couch surfing – at your own risk
  • Public transportation in Germany is known for its efficiency! You can get wherever you need to go without private car rentals.
  • Try your luck whenever there’s a #germany25reunified trip competition held by the Ministry of Tourism (here’s hoping!)
  • Buy Groupons – pay less, eat more. Or eat market food – it’s delicious and cheap!

Have you ever been to Germany? Would you like to? Please share with us!


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