6 Affordable Winter Getaways

Winter is the time for low airfare and vacation time. Not only do kids have the winter holiday off, but adults also get some days off from the routine of work. Lucky for us all, there are some amazing deals to take advantage of during the winter season – especially if you plan them before Christmas.

Here are a few fun and affordable ideas to end the year with some well-deserved fun & relaxation!

carribbean2The Caribbean

The Caribbean islands are amazing in the winter time. It’s hot and pleasant and as long as you make it before mid-December, it will be super cheap. Off season for the islands is usually April-to mid-December and hurricane season ends around November, so you can take advantage of that gap in time (mid-Nov to mid-Dec). Plus, the beaches will be less crowded!

romeRome, Italy

If you ever dreamed about exploring the beauty and romance of Rome, your best opportunity is during Winter. It’s a low season for tourists then, so hotels are less expensive as are tours and activities. Rome is actually pleasant in the winter – no snow, no freezing cold. What a way to enjoy Europe in the winter time… Andiamo!

belizeSan Ignacio, Belize

Belize is usually pricey, at least in comparison to other Central American countries. Christmas is a peak time for Belize, but if you are strategic and buy tickets long in advance and for say.. a week or two after Xmas, you’re set. Once in Belize, everything should be affordable and options are plenty – jungles, scuba diving, hiking, resting by the beach… this place is paradise.

mayariveromexicoPlaya del Carmen, Mexico

Do you know when peak season is for tourism in Mexico? Spring and summer break. So if you want to enjoy a much emptier hotel, great prices and pristine beaches, this is the place to go. The climate will be pleasant and it’s right after hurricane season ends, so prices are still low. Just make sure to book in advance!

austriaSalzburg, Austria

If your intention is to dive deeper into the cold snow, Austria is magical in the winter time. Christmas markets line the street, winter activities abound, and snow-covered mountains line the view.  Museums tend to be completely empty and at fair rates and just walking around the city enjoying the Christmas magic is enough to make for a wonderful vacation.

wintercruiseTake a Cruise

Huricane season si the worst time of the year for cruise lines, but don’t worry, you wouldn’t be on the cruise during that time. You would join a cruise right after the hurricane season is over but prices still haven’t gone up significantly. Longer cruises have more affordable per night rates, including 15 night cruises for only $699. That is CHEAP – it includes the cruise, entertainment and buffet foods.

What are you doing this winter?


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