4 Affordable Travel Destinations to Visit This Year

Feel like you need a getaway but don’t think you can afford it? Check out our list of the top 4 affordable travel destinations!


If you’re tired of the typical Thailand holiday but still looking for a bargain holiday, Cambodia is the place to be. Cambodia is actually quite a lot cheaper than Thailand and will provide you with an entirely different experience. It has everything you need for an incredible trip – beautiful beaches, mouthwatering cuisine, gorgeous markets and super affordable accommodation . Cambodia is not as ‘touristy’ as it’s neighbour Thailand which can definitely work in your favour if you want to avoid the crowds and not pay tourist prices. You can find decent accommodation for $20 a night and huge meals will only cost you a few dollars. Make sure to visit this amazing destination before the masses cotton on!



Croatia is one of my favourite places in the whole world – it is so unique and breathtakingly beautiful that it’s hard not to fall in love.  Dubrovnik has an ‘old’ city feel with stunning views, and islands such as Hvar and Split are not to be missed either. You can eat well for around $30 a day and hostels charge around $20 a night. Their transportation system is excellent as well and incredibly affordable – you can take day trips (around 4 hours away) and the bus ticket only costs around $5. Croatia is definitely a place not to be missed!



Spain’s unsteady financial position is a blessing for anyone wanting to go on holiday. The currency is not strong and costs of accommodation, food and activities are quite cheap. The food is definitely something to write home about, and the prices are unexpected. An incredible 3 course Spanish meal will only set you back around 14 dollars. If you’re not interested in eating out, you could always make most meals at home and then get a taste of the Spanish delicacies with tapas which is an even cheaper option. Most bars offer tapas and snacks for only a dollar or two! Spain is an excellent destination if you’re looking for a budget Western European trip!



Bolivia is definitely one of South America’s cheapest and best value options for a bargain holiday. A ‘fancy’ set menu meal will set you back only around $5 (so imagine how cheap the street food is!) Accommodation is extremely affordable as well, with budget rooms starting from around $10 a night. Public transport is also very cheap. Bolivia is quickly becoming a favourite place to stop for any kind of South American trip. Highly recommended!


So there you have it, 4 travel destinations you don’t have to just lust over! Pack your bags, book your ticket and pamper yourself a little – you deserve it!


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