How to throw the perfect Star Wars Birthday Party

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The Star Wars franchise is popular than ever before; even though the first movie was made in 1977, the story line still captivates children – and adults’ – imaginations in a way that keeps them hooked and begging for more. Star Wars Rebels, the animated TV series produced by LucasFilms, takes place in the same Star Wars fantasy world and introduces us to many new characters and plots. Premiered on October 2014 and now renewed for a second season, fans are completely hooked. And the release of a new Star Wars movie coming soon just adds to all the hype!

All things considered, we think having a Star Wars Rebels birthday party is a fabulous idea, one that would be fun to prepare and one that your kid will look back on and remember many times around. Here are just a few of the ideas for a Star Wars birthday party. You can get many of the supplies listed here in Birthday Express.
Star Wars Rebels Party supplies at Birthday Express.

Costume party:

Let your guests know that this will definitely be a costume party and every kid must come over dressed up as a Star Wars character either from the traditional Star Wars movies cast or from some of the new characters that Star Wars Rebels offers. Have a costume contest and reward the winner with one of your Star Wars Party Supplies.

Party Games:

You can have all the traditional party games with a Star Wars twist or add a few that are specifically Star Wars oriented. For example, you can play Charades and choose Star Wars topics or phrases. Or, play “Who am I” by sticking a random Star Wars character’s name on each kid’s forehead. Each guest will have 20 questions to guess which character they got. Specific Star Wars games include setting the kids in teams and having each team re-enact a famous scene from the movie/cartoon. Better yet, have the kids improvise a scene of their own. With the costumes on and everyone playing their part, it will be incredibly fun and realistic.

Party Favors:

Decorations and party refreshments can all be tailored to the Star Wars theme. You can prepare a Star Wars cake (or buy one at your local bakery that does birthday cakes) and prepare all those special foods so famous to the Star Wars franchise. The famous Bantha blue milk can be simply milk with a few drops of blue food coloring in it. Han burgers are mini hamburgers on buns with cheese. Find a huge supply of decorations, surprises, and Star Wars Rebels party supplies. Your kid will have fun helping you decorate and turn the house into a Star Wars galaxy far, far away!

Screen the movie:

After playtime is over and all the excitement over cake and presents has subsided, it’s time for some passive quiet time till the parents arrive to pick up their kids. Why not host a screening of the last Star Wars movie to get everyone up to date before the new movie is released?

Whatever you decide to do, don’t forget to have fun, include your child in the preparations, and may the force be with you!!




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