How to Save Big Bucks Shopping at International Websites

The international online shopping industry is growing, and worldwide online sales will represent 8.8% of retail spending by the end of the year, according to

Since more and more shoppers are choosing to buy what they need (or want) via the Web, consumers need to know the secrets of scoring amazing deals from a host of websites all over the globe. The UK ranks number one in online retail spending, followed by China and Norway.

No matter which country you’re in, you’ll find that looking for websites with free international shipping, using money-saving digital vouchers and patronizing reward program websites is the key to getting more for your hard-earned money.

Look for Websites with Free International Shipping

You may mistakenly assume that you’ll need to pay shipping fees when you buy from a website that is based in another country.

The truth is that many websites do offer free international shipping, although most require minimum expenditures, which vary from retailer to retailer.

According to Kit Yarrow, who is a consumer psychologist, websites provide this valuable perk because they want you to buy from them and become loyal to them.

A simple Web search for “websites with free international shipping” will be the fastest way to find the right websites.

Find and Use Money-Saving Digital Vouchers

Digital vouchers (coupons) help online shoppers all over the world to save money on the cost of so many different types of merchandise, from toys to home furnishings to vacuum cleaners and beyond.

According to the UK Gift Card & Voucher Association, the first British digital voucher was launched in 2000, for the business to business market.

Today, a range of impressive websites in various nations offer digital coupons. They feature expiry dates, alphabetical, alphanumerical or numerical codes and information about the deal offered.

Customers add digital codes to the Checkout areas of websites to grab fast and easy cash savings. Before you use a digital voucher, make sure it’s still valid and read the fine print carefully.

Then, prepare to rack up some serious savings.

Use Reward Program Websites

There are tons of great reward program websites to choose from. Most countries have at least a few big ones.

The best of them give online shoppers the power to buy from the websites that they love the most and then get cash back. If you haven’t tried these platforms, you should know that many of them are legit and very popular.

Do some research to find the good apples in the bunch. Customer reviews should make it easy for you to select reward program websites that really deliver for consumers.

Specific online retailers may also have their own in-house loyalty programs for their valued clientele. If there are websites you patronize regularly, consider signing up to reap the rewards.

Get More Merchandise for Less Money

Now that you know how to use international free shipping, digital vouchers and reward program websites to best advantage, why not start shopping up a storm online?

Savvy online shoppers worldwide know that using these tips is the secret of getting more merchandise for less money.

Also, the thrill of saving cash makes using these expert tips fun.

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