Finally Bought Your Dream Car? Here’s What to Do Now

So you’ve finally managed to cobble together the money to bring home your dream car.

Whether it’s the latest sports car or a classic piece of motoring history, there’s so much to do to make sure it stays in great shape.

After all, a car that is not well-cared for is a car that will require expensive upkeep, tune-ups and will have a shorter life-span.

Take a look at the many ways to protect yourself and your car.

Find Suitable Car Insurance

The type of car insurance depends entirely on the model of your dream car. You will always have to pay more to get adequate coverage for a valuable car.

Make sure you have comprehensive insurance to protect your car against anything that may happen. Don’t opt for the cheapest type of insurance just to save on costs.

When it comes to insurance: the cheap is expensive. Invest a little extra now to avoid significant expenses in the future.

Think about the heartbreak of potentially losing your vehicle on the roads and having to pay for it all over again.

Registering a New Car

All new cars need registering in your name. You’ll have to prove both your name and address.

A birth certificate, driving license, bank statement, or household bills are usually sufficient.

You’ll also need valid insurance and an MOT (in the case of second-hand vehicles). New vehicles which were imported from abroad will also need the relevant forms.

It’s not an expensive process, but it’s time-consuming and can land you with a heavy fine if you forget to do it.

If you’re uncomfortable with handling all the legal paperwork, you can buy your car from a dealer and they’ll do it for you.

They’ll charge a small fee, but they’ll complete it quickly and take a load off your mind.


Every car has its own maintenance requirements to keep it in top condition.

If you don’t know much about this beyond the basics of checking the oil and tires, research it.

There are plenty of helpful vehicle maintenance tips online, and you can even find guides for your particular model.

Finding a Safe Place

New or expensive vehicles shouldn’t stay on the street. It’s too tempting for a car thief to walk past and attempt to steal it.

The same thing applies in neighborhoods with historically low car crime rates.

Rent a lockup close to your home, or store it in a garage or car port on your property. The suitability of the location depends on how often you want to drive it.

To further reduce the risk of car crime, ensure you’ve installed alarms, a locking mechanism for the steering wheel, and strong locks on all the doors.

Spare Keys

This conundrum deserves a section all to itself.

Bringing home the car you’ve always dreamed about can soon turn into a nightmare if you lose the keys.

It’s more of a nuisance than anything else, but there’s always the chance it can happen at the most inappropriate time.

Get a spare set of keys cut immediately and keep them safe in your home for emergencies.

Fix It Up

Unless you bought your car direct from a reputable dealer, the chances are it doesn’t look perfect.

Buffer out any scratches, replace the rims, and give it a good wash. It makes the car look better and more appealing than it did before.

Plus, these small fixes are usually on the lower cost, particularly if you DIY it.

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