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Whether it’s birthdays, engagements, mothers/fathers days or housewarming parties, there are never a shortage of occasions that require you to come baring gifts! Unfortunately with so many of these occasions happening all the time, it can be quite detrimental to your saving efforts. However with a bit of creativity and thought, you can purchase/make some awesome presents that whoever is lucky enough to receive them, will fall in love! Here are some of my recent online discoveries for gift purchasing! Enjoy 🙂


Okay I’ll admit it – I spend way too much time on this site! I can’t believe I only discovered it recently – what was I doing with my life before?! What I love about this site is that you buy directly from the creators of the products so you don’t have to pay exorbitant fees. I also love that all the designs are so original and cute – you’ll want to buy everything! I found some handmade patterned dishtowels and a matching set of cutlery for a housewarming party I went to, and they said it was their favourite gift they had received! Win!


This is another amazing recent find of mine. You can really buy anything here from clothes to shoes to electronics etc. They sell amazing imitation designer bags (excellent quality!) which is what I decided to buy my mum for her birthday. She loves designer bags and couldn’t even tell the difference! (And it was about a tenth of the price of the real thing!) Just take into account that most of the items are from China so shipping takes about a month – make sure to plan ahead!


Okay so Ebay is not a recent discovery of mine (I’ve used it for many years!) but it certainly remains a favourite for gift buying! You can find (almost) brand new items for around a quarter of the price (sometimes even more!) I bought a jersey of my dad’s favourite football team for his birthday and boy was he impressed! And it cost me peanuts! Ebay is the site for anything and everything at affordable prices.


What really sold me about Asos was their free shipping! No limits! They have a huge range of clothing (men and women) for excellent prices – not to mention their sales are simply out of this world! They also have a ‘designer’ section as well. If you have any fashion forward friends, then this would be the perfect site to buy from! I bought a gorgeous red summer dress from Asos as a present for myself – because hey, during the gift giving season, you need to spoil yourself as well!

Those are our top picks for online gift buying that won’t break the bank! Where do you do your budget shopping? Have you made any new discoveries recently? Spill your secrets!

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