Making Money From Your Living Room

Since the 2007 recession, most people have been feeling the strain financially in one way or another. Whether it’s not being able to go on that yearly holiday, or simply having to cut back on shopping, the terrible ‘R’ word has affected us all. If you feel like you are struggling to make ends meet, why not try to make some extra money on the side? Here are some tips for making money from the comfort of your living room


Freelance Writing

Freelance writing is an excellent way to make some money on the side. Of course this is not for everyone and you do need to have a talent for writing, but if you do in-fact possess the qualities of a writer, then why not put your talent to good use? The internet has made snagging writing opportunities very easy. Sites like Freelance, Elance and Guru are my personal favourites as they advertise hundreds of legitimate writing gigs daily. Make sure to build a strong portfolio with a few excellent writing samples before you get started to separate yourself from the rest of the crowd and in-turn make it easier to ‘win’ the writing jobs. You’ll need to develop a ‘thick skin’ as not everyone will be a fan of your writing – but work hard and be professional and you will reap the rewards.



We all have a talent – whether it’s cooking, dancing, playing a musical instrument, or speaking a foreign language. Why not share your expertise with others and make some money at the same time? Advertise in local community centres, supermarkets and via social media (Facebook, Twitter etc.) You’ll be surprised to find how many groups have been made on Facebook with people searching for teachers for all different kinds of things! The possibilities are endless and if you offer interesting and fun classes, your students will keep coming back for more.


Rent a room in your house

If you’re lucky enough to have a spare bedroom in your apartment/house, why not consider renting it out? These days, travellers are becoming more budget savvy and looking for cheaper accommodation options rather than expensive hotels. Unless your home is magnificent, you wont be able to charge 5 star prices, but the extra money on the side could be very beneficial. Who knows, you may even love having the extra company and meeting interesting people from all over the world!


Have a garage sale

We’re all guilty of having too much clutter in our homes at one time or another, so why not do a Spring Clean? Not only will the de-cluttering make for a calm and organized home, but you’ll be surprised to find how many dollars you can rack up along the way! Whilst you may not find use in these items anymore, they could actually be the items that others have searched for for months! Once again, locally supermarkets, social media and even local newspapers are the best places to advertise your garage sale. Just remember – one man’s trash is another man’s treasure!

Have you made some money from home? Let us know how! XOXO




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Jess hails from Sunny Australia and is the youngest of the frugal ladies. She loves shopping for a bargain, reading, watching movies and spends most of her life on the beach

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