Why You Need A Hybrid Car

We’ve all heard about Hybrid Cars but how much do we really know about them? And why is it worth it to buy one? Read on to find out!

You’ll be doing your bit for the environment

Ever wondered how you can do your bit for the environment? Well here’s your chance! Not only will you be doing the world a favour by buying a Hybrid, but it will make you all warm and fuzzy inside knowing you are effecting the environment in a positive manner! Hybrid cars help reduce greenhouse gas emissions by around 25% every mile (not to mention other toxic gases by up to 90%)

You’ll get more bang for your buck

With the price of petrol at an all time high (and not looking like it’s going to come down anytime soon) people are having to spend ridiculous amounts of money on petrol. This is one of the biggest pluses about owning a Hybrid – a Hybrid car will ensure greater fuel efficiency and visits to the petrol station will become few and far between. No more anxiety about how much you spend on petrol and how often you have to fill up.

Pay less tax

Hybrid cars will usually be found in lower VED tax bands due to the fact that they emit less co2 gasses and the reduced pollution factor is the main reason for this. Hybrid cars are also made from newer components so they are (for the most-part) much more noticeably lightweight than other vehicles.

Pay lower insurance premiums

Luckily, if you check most car insurance websites you’ll notice that they apply a 10% discount for Hybrid car owners. What a great incentive! Whilst this does depend on some other factors as well (including your age and driving history) it’s another reason buying a Hybrid is so attractive. Also because Hybrid cars are newer and ‘state of the art’ builds, the potential for automobile issues is greatly reduced which can also keep your car insurance payments down later on down the line. Your wallet will certainly thank you!

It’s better than the rest

For those that are economically and environmentally aware, the Hybrid is a much better option than the other methods of green transportation that are popping up as the Hybrid is here to stay. Electric cars are limited in range, bio-fuels are receiving a lot of negative press due to their manufacturing methods and finally hydrogen fuel cells are too limited by technology to be mass produced. A Hybrid also wins hands down compared to a bicycle in terms of ease for those longer, father trips!

Whatever the reason is behind your interest in a Hybrid, there is certainly no doubt that it will save you a lot of money down the line, and more importantly, you will be setting a good example and doing your bit for the environment.

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