Budget Friendly Snack Ideas

Most people think that being on a budget means goodbye to healthy snacks and hello to whatever cheap bag of (excuse my language) crap they can get their hands on. That however is certainly not the case – you can certainly still focus on healthy eating and fuelling your body with substance whilst still watching your dollars. Here is a list we’ve compiled of our favourite budget friendly snacks for those times when your tummy starts to rumble!

Whole Wheat Crackers

Whole wheat crackers are delicious and addictive! Put some natural peanut butter or homemade hummus on top and you’ve got a yummy and cheap snack! Just make sure to find the ‘whole wheat’ crackers as other types are lacking nutritional value.


An apple a day keeps the doctor away! Apples are a great on the go snack that you can take to work with you. If you buy them in bulk from the markets or farmers market, they can work out to be super cheap. Look for Granny Smith and Red Delicious types as those are the cheapest (and most delicious in my opinion!)



Carrots are a super easy and cheap snack idea. Carrots are bursting with protein, fiber, good carbohydrates etc. Once again, it’s cheaper to buy them in bulk (or in large packages) but if you’re a fan of all things mini, then the mini packs of carrots are a great option. At just 35 calories per pack, these are an amazing and economical snack!

Natural Peanut Butter

Most people I know really love peanut butter so they’d be happy to see it’s included in the list! You can get a jar of peanut butter for around $3. Make sure to check the ingredients though – a lot of them can be filled with some nasty ingredients too. Make sure to only buy ‘natural ‘ peanut butter – the only ingredient listed should be peanuts!

Trail Mix

A lot of trail mixes you find at the supermarket can also be filled with unhealthy things as well such as chocolate etc. It’s better (and more economical) to make your own mix at home – that way you can pick all your favourite healthy snacks to put in it. Try to go for unsalted nuts, dried fruits etc.



Hummus is a Middle Eastern dip packed with all the good nutrients (and mostly protein!) This is another great thing to make at home and store in your fridge for all those times you’re feeling peckish. It’s also super easy to make, so you don’t need to be Jamie Oliver to succeed! Put it on crackers, dip it in vegetables or just eat it plain!

String Cheese

We all need a bit of calcium in our diets to make our bones strong and prevent osteoporosis. Unfortunately, many types of cheeses can work out to be quite expensive. String cheese is the cheapest option, and great for a quick snack on the go.

What are some of your favourite budget friendly snacks?


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