5 Easy & Frugal Ways to Make Yourself More Attractive On the First Date

Forgive us for being cliché when we use the phrase, “You never get a second chance to make a first impression.” But ain’t it the truth!? When it comes to dating, the first introduction is absolutely essential. Especially with online dating being all the rage in this day and age, that first impression has an even greater impact.

So we are here to give you some easy (and cheap!) tips on how to look your very best for that first date. With these five, easy to follow suggestions, our goal is to give you the chance to make that positive interpretation a lasting one, so you have a chance to make a second, third, and fourth impression!

Play up your best features.

Dress to impress by wearing clothes that flatter your figure. Pay close attention to how your garments fit. You don’t want to wear pants or a skirt that is too tight, but you certainly don’t want to go too baggy either, which looks sloppy. Go for something that fits comfortably – the waist of your pants or skirt should have a three-finger width, but not much more than that. Ladies, you can go for a low neckline, but not too low that you are pulling your shirt up the entire time.

When debating how much leg or skin to reveal, remember that the goal is to pique their curiosity and tantalize their imagination; that being said, make sure that there is plenty left to the imagination! Choose colors that will highlight your best features. If you have green or blue eyes, go for cooler, darker hues such as violet or a deep blue. For brown or hazel eyes, lighter, warmer colors are best. Be sure to wear a shade that will flatter your skin tone.

Furthermore, why not use a bit of color psychology when selecting your outfit? The right tints of pink add an innocent coyness, blues symbolize stability, greens have an earthy and relaxing effect, orange is the color of outgoingness and conversation, yellow will make you come across as both sunny and pensive, purple will make you seem creative and reds will convey confidence. It’s no wonder that both men and women tend to be naturally drawn towards people who wear this last color. Check out Asos and Ali Express for gorgeous, fashionable pieces at very reasonable prices!

Dress for the occasion.


Of course, we want you to look your best, and knowing what is appropriate attire for the date and sticking to the dress code will certainly save some embarrassment. However, whatever the occasion may be, we encourage you to dress it up a little more than you would if it were just a night out with your girlfriends. For example, if it is a date that calls for jeans, go with the dressier top, like these cheaper ones from Charlotte Russe.

High heels make for sexy legs as they help to accentuate the calves and your derriere. If heels are too dressy or you are unable to wear them, go with cute flats or boots. Also, a first date is the ideal occasion for setting aside the glasses for a night.

While they’re probably flattering to your face and attractive overall, the frames will add casualness to your look. You can cheaply buy contact lenses online from Replace My Contacts, though resist the urge to change of your irises with colored versions; you don’t want to show up one night with honey brown peepers and then take your date off-guard the next date by displaying blue.

Go light with the perfume and makeup.

Believe it or not, men love a girl who can look gorgeous without using a lot of makeup. By caking it on, it looks like you have something to hide. Using cosmetics to highlight your best features is encouraged, but subtlety is the name of the game. Be careful with heavy perfume or body spray as well. Two pumps is all you need; just because you can’t smell it, doesn’t mean your date can’t, and we don’t want anyone to suffocate! Not spending money on make up and lots of perfume anymore? Score!

Make eye contact.

When on a date, everyone wants to feel like they are the center of the other person’s attention. Keep the focus on your present company. If you are finding it hard to resist distractions, it will definitely be noticed by your date, and it gives the impression that you are not really all that interested.

Your best accessory is your smile.


Our cheesiest tip yet – get cheesy. Show off those pearly whites with a warm, inviting smile that will help you and your date to relax. Whitening your teeth a few days before is never a bad idea. Another easy trick to make your choppers gleam is to position silver jewelry in close proximity to your mouth, as well as to wear cooler tints. Steer clear of snow white outfits that will make your smile appear yellowish by comparison.

Keep these tips in mind when you go to put your best foot forward and, above all else, remember to relax and have fun!

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