Effective Tips on Efficient Use of Home Energy

There are some effective ways that both homeowners and renters can follow to make their home more energy efficient. Now it is fairly easy for the homeowners to upgrade, provided they are not short on budget while the renters don’t have the permission to make changes that can help them trim energy expenses. As I live in a rented apartment, I have made it my top priority to lower my consumption and pull plug on heavy expenses on energy bill. Here are those ways that you can apply to reduce your energy expenses.

Install CFLs

cflbulbCFL bulbs utilize 75% less energy if compared to normal bulbs and last longer than the same. I have replaced my normal bulbs with CFL ones. True it is that CFL bulbs are more costly but you will get good return within next few months. How much you will get to save depends on the number of bulbs replaced, how long they are on and per k-Wh payment. According to experts, making the transition from normal bulbs to CFL versions will save you $3-$7 per month on electric bill.

Toilet Bank

toilet-tank-bankMost apartments feature older toilets using 3-5 gallons of water after every flush whereas new toilets use 1.6 gallons or even less after every flush. That figure shows huge difference in consumption of water. I’m not suggesting that you make a new buy, say fancy toilets. Instead, you should purchase a toilet bank and minimize water waste.

A toilet bank easily sits in water reservoir of your current toilet. It is designed for the purpose of taking up space so that less water is drained out per flush. A jug filled with half-gallon of water will work. Water-displacement is a good idea and available at any hardware shop.

Low-Flow Showerheads

lowflowshowerheadThere is hardly any way to change the fixture if you live in a rented apartment. But it will not be a mess-up with fixtures if you install a showerhead. You can take it away when you will move out.



Window Insulation with Bubble Wrap

bubblewrapinsulationMy rented apartment has tall and single-paned windows. These windows are fitted on the eastern wall of my living room. It was not possible for me to wrap up windows as there are no frames to stick to. I was suggested by one of my friends to go with bubble wrap. It is a good idea for widows insulation especially if you have large windows like mine. Bubble wrap sticks to the glass and it works without any window frame.

You just need to wet the window with water by using a spray bottle and then attach the bubble wrap. Bubble side faces the grass.

Block Drafts

ducttapewindowIt is easy to block drafts with duct tape and newspaper. Fill socks with rice to make your draft pillows and tie them off. It’s absolutely unnecessary to splash out a whopping sum; making them yourself is much easier.


Final Word

Do you have any effective tip for energy saving? Share them below!

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