How to Design or Decorate a Dressing Room in 2021 – Pro Tips

Do you want to add a luxurious touch to your bedroom décor? If yes, then set up a dressing room. Having a personal grooming area is a dream of many women. Moreover, it adds value to the home.

The dressing room helps you to reduce clutter and mess in the bedroom. It also provides you with a proper space to organize or display your belongings.

Some people love to have a personal walk-in closet but get confused about where and how to start. So, here are some ideas to design a dressing room at home.

Pick up a Dressing Table

Selecting a dressing table is a bit tricky.  While choosing a table, make sure it adds character to a room and matches the entire furnishing items. If a dressing table complements your room’s style, then you will feel that it belongs to the space.

If you need storage space, then pick a dressing table with drawers. If not, then select the dressing table without drawers for a more minimalistic look.

Opt for Artistry

Celebrate the euphoric charm of statement art pieces or murals. For example, if you cover the door of your built-in closet with a mural, it will create a focal point.

However, if you hang beautiful art pieces related to beauty, dresses, or whatever you admire, they will make your dressing area glamorous. To create more impact, you can frame the art pieces beautifully.

To give a modern or contemporary look, you can hang unframed art pieces in the dressing room. The choice is ultimately yours, framed or unframed. Whatever suits your personality, you can display.

If you love soothing shades, then shabby chic prints are best to use in the dressing room. Check out some interesting shabby chic ideas for decorating the wall.

Relaxing Seat

Once you pick the dressing table, select a chair to match it. There are numerous seating options, starting from vanity stools to ottomans. Choose a seat for your comfort and enticing experience.

If you have extra space in the dressing room, add a leather sofa or chaise longue. It will make the dressing room look extravagant. Make sure whatever you pick is comfortable enough because makeup takes hours. Good support will reduce the amount of pain in your back and neck.

Think for Smart Storage Ideas

If you want to make the most of the space, design fitted wardrobes with wall-to-wall rails. Then, choose the storage solutions according to how you want to hang your clothes or place garments.

You may also need drawers to store undergarments or small clothes like hankies or socks neatly. Moreover, do not forget to keep space for shoes, handbags, belts, and other accessories. Cleverly design a beautiful wardrobe area according to your needs.

Install Proper Lighting

Lighting does not sound as thrilling as painting the walls or adding art. But, lighting is an essential element to design a functional dressing area. Dressing rooms should not be too dark or windowless.

Ensure that enough natural light is coming to your dressing room; if not, arrange proper lighting.

You might want to install overhead light, but make sure to tone down the sharpness. To do so, incorporate LED lights or spotlights, even within the wardrobes. It will also make your dressing room look glamorous and luxurious.

Do Not Forget About Mirrors

The essential element of a dressing room is a mirror. Without a mirror, the dressing room is always incomplete. Therefore, it would be best to install a floor-to-ceiling mirror. It will reflect light and create an illusion of extra space.

As a result, your dressing area will look bigger and open. Moreover, installing a golf-framed or vintage mirror creates a focal point in the room and adds glamour.

To save more space, you can try an interesting trick. Mount a mirror on the sliding door of your closet.

Use a Library Ladder

People mostly use library ladders in their home office or study room at home. But why not use this beautiful vintage piece in the dressing room. It will create a focal point to your dressing area and maximize the storage potential.

You can easily access the items placed on heights if you have a ladder. So, you can use vertical space more and have extra room for clothes or other items. Instead of using traditional rolling ladders, use hooked over one.

It will provide you with stability and lessen the chances of falling. Moreover, rollers struggle to move on thick wool.

Paste Wallpaper

Your fitted wardrobes should always be colorful. But, please do not keep them looking conventional and dull. The dressing room is a perfect area to experiment with wallpapers and add style elements.

Therefore, cover the doors of a wardrobe with some pretty wallpaper. It is a creative way to brighten the wardrobe area.

Bonus Tips

Follow the latest trends while designing a dressing room. For a masculine look, organize everything in black or walnut color with mirror details. For a feminine touch, use a hand-painted collection and vibrant colors.

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