Life Hack: Cleaning Stainless Steel For Less

Stainless steel makes any kitchen look chic. It’s a nice modern touch which can transform the entire vibe.

Nonetheless, things can get messy in the kitchen and stainless steel will get streaks, smudges or other spots with time and use.

This is why today, we want to share with you the secrets behind shining steel appliances.

You may be surprised that cleaning these surfaces is not as difficult as it seems – nor does it have to be expensive.

The Process

Cleaning stainless steel is cheap and easy. In fact, you will need just some mineral oil and white vinegar, as these substances can create miracles.

All in all, you don’t have to spend more than 15 to 20 minutes on this task, and this includes the soaking time.

This means that you can start by spraying vinegar and then and let the substance soak.

When you are done you will have a shiny kitchen, and with only a few cents spent overall!

Spraying vinegar

Get a spray bottle and fill it with white vinegar. You will also need a dish of mineral oil or olive oil. Finally get some microfiber cloths.

Then, spray down the surfaces you want to clean.

Make sure that you wipe in the same direction as the grain in the steel. Wiping against the grain might lead to small unpleasant scratches.

If there are any stains that you cannot clean you might need to spray them with vinegar and let them soak for around 5 to 10 minutes.

Do this as many times as needed.


After you have cleaned the steel surfaces, you need to polish them.

Make sure that you replace the rag and use a clean one. This time you will also use the oil dish.

Dip a corner of the rag in oil. You don’t need to use too much oil at once, and you can always dip again if you need to use more.

When you polish you should also make sure that you wipe in the direction of the grain.

The oil will make your stainless steel surfaces become shiny once again. After you are done wiping you need to take another clean rag and use it to remove any oil left.

Once you have polished the surface, they will remain shiny for weeks, so you won’t need to repeat this process too often.

However you might need to clean it more often than that, but vinegar will always do the trick.

When the going gets tough, get some help

While it is not that difficult to clean stainless steel yourself, you might still want an expert to handle this task.

Luckily for you, cleaning services are available online and you can always find a team that is able to take care of your kitchen.

If you’re looking for a cleaning service, you can find information here:

Of course, any cleaning service will do more than just clean your stainless steel, they will clean your apartment, home or office.

For those of us who barely have time due to work hours, this can be a helpful way to ensure our home is clean.


What life hacks do you have for cleaning kitchens?

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