How to Set up a Child’s Nursery on a Limited Budget

It’s only natural to want your child’s room to look as good as possible; but you shouldn’t forget that a nursery is only used for a relatively short space of time and you’ll soon have to evolve the room as kids grow up.

You shouldn’t be tempted to spend money that you cannot afford. Remember that your child will need plenty more than just a nice nursery as they progress through life; items such as clothes, shoes, school trips and college fees are not cheap.

It’s easy to get carried away buying things for a new baby so you may find it useful to take a look at our tips on how you can cut back on the spending.

Let’s take a look at how you can create a nursery for your child without spending a huge amount of money.

The importance of knowing your budget

One of the most important things you need to do in order to limit your spending is know your budget. If you take to the stores without knowing your budget, you can end up exceeding the amount you can actually afford.

When you are planning to set up the nursery you need to sit down and work out what you have to spend and what you need to buy. You should always start off by accounting for the necessities. These are items such as a crib, crib mattress and changing mat. The decoration and others additions should only be purchased after you have all of the essentials.

Try doing it yourself

There are some items, such as cribs, which need to be safe and should be purchased from a retailer. That doesn’t mean you can’t do it yourself when it comes to certain aspects of setting up a nursery. If you use child friendly paints you can create a wall mural that your child will love. If you want to create a decorative environment that requires less artistic skill you can purchase some reasonably priced picture frames and fill them with treasured family photographs.

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It’s easy to create art for a nursery and it’s a lot cheaper to do it yourself than it is to purchase expensive baby art. You may think that this type of art looks sweet but your child will appreciate your own efforts just as much.

Why you should be careful using second hand items

It’s certainly possible to save money be using second hand items in a nursery but you need to be careful as the origin of the items. If you have items that you used for a previous child then you know they have been stored safely and kept clean.

If you are interested in a crib mattress you should be careful of using a second hand mattress if you’re not sure how it has been cared for. Second hand crib mattresses can carry bacteria and they can lose their firmness which means your child does not get the same amount of support as they sleep.

Hopefully you can see that you don’t need to worry if your budget to set up a nursery is limited. You can create a safe and peaceful environment for your child even on a limited budget!

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