5 Tips to Help you Save on Garden Decoration

Garden decoration isn’t known for having the most affordable costs or long-life durability. However, being frugal ladies, we know that there are great ways to save money on garden decoration and furniture. There’s no need to go broke to have a beautiful garden – it’s all about being creative with your budget and putting some extra love into saving! Let’s take a look at 5 great tips to help you save on your garden decoration.

DIY the Decor

If there’s something that isn’t lacking online, it’s incredible creativity. A quick search on Pinterest or Google can help get your creative juices flowing as you see all the amazing DIY decorations people have come up with. They are usually easy to recreate as they come with full instructions and photographic step-by-step guides. You can save hundreds of dollars by taking on these crafty challenges yourself rather than buying pre-made decoration. Imagine the pride you will feel when all your DIY décor is displayed on your garden for all to see.

Yep! You could actually make this yourself.
Yep! You could actually make this yourself. (Source: Home is Where They Love You)

Protect Your Decoration

My great grandpa used to say: “the cheap is expensive.” That’s definitely the case when it comes to safeguarding your outside equipment or decoration. It’s a mistake to not consider ways to extend the life of your outside items. Harsh elements during the seasons can completely ruin your patio furniture or décor, so consider material that can cover and protect your items, or store it all away safely. In addition, if you have a parasol, garden parasols bases that are rigid and strong are essential to ensuring that garden parasols will be kept safely in place, as it can prevent the equipment from being damaged by gusts of strong winds and other outdoor elements. In the long run, a small initial investment will save you the need to replace your décor earlier.

Upcycle Other Furniture

Upcycling furniture is another DIY option that happens to be more complicated and time-consuming, but very gratifying. You can get great outside furniture form a variety of locations: goodwill, garage sales or second-hand stores sell slightly damaged garden furniture for cheap, or you can even use your own older furniture and transform it skillfully.

In this inspiring example, two old chairs were used to create a garden bench!

(Source: My Repurposed Life)
(Source: My Repurposed Life)

Buy Off Season

Ah yes – my usual advice: buy off season! When demand is low, companies will sell their patio furniture for cheap. Stores need to get rid of their last season stock to use the space for new furniture coming in, and they need to do so long before the spring & summer season begin. So head to the empty gardening & patio furniture sector of the store during fall & winter, and see what great deals you can find. Don’t forget that you can also look for discounts and sales online!

Pick Cheaper Alternatives

Not all expensive-looking lawn decoration is actually expensive. Many patio decoration items can be switched out for an affordable alternative, while still looking great. For example, instead of setting up an expensive flagstone in the garden, use setting stones, which are surprisingly cheap. You can buy concrete pre-cast stones in different colors, shapes and styles in a range of $1-5 per stone. All you have to do is level the ground and place the stones, filling in between the stones with pea gravel. You can also place the stones closer together to have more of a flagstone look to them, all for a fraction of the cost!

Do you have any more tips to save money on garden decoration? Share them below!

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