Healthy Eating on a Budget

I have always been a big believer in healthy eating – eating foods that fuel your body and give you enough energy to live a happy and healthy life. However most people (including me until recently) are under the impression that in order to eat healthily you need to spend a fortune on grocery shopping. I’m here to tell you that it’s not true! I’ve discovered ways to maintain a healthy lifestyle whilst not breaking the bank – Here are some tips I’ve discovered that I’d love to share with you.

Don’t go out to eat often

Whilst it may be nice to go out to restaurants and pamper yourself, remember that the price you pay for those meals could equal to around 4 meals that you could make yourself. Explain to your friends that you’re on a budget and instead invite them over and cook for them – They’ll really appreciate the effort and most of the time dinner parties can be a lot more fun than sitting in a fancy restaurant! You can still go out to restaurants once in a while but make sure you limit it – I’d say once a week/every two weeks max!

Don’t buy ‘pre-made’ foods at the supermarket

By pre-made I mean packaged foods ready to eat such as chicken nuggets that you just need to pop in the microwave. Whilst it may be convenient if you have time restraints, do not do it! It is not worth it – Firstly they are expensive when you calculate how much you are actually getting for your buck, and secondly they are incredibly unhealthy. These foods are filled with nasty preservatives and junk and are absolutely toxic for your body! Instead prepare fresh food yourself – chicken is super easy and a great source of protein. Just throw some seasoning over it and bake in water or chicken broth for around 45 minutes – Easy and super healthy!

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Buy a lot of vegetables

When I say a lot I mean A LOT – as much as you can. Vegetables are one of (if not the) most healthy foods you can put in your body. Not only that, but if you heap your plate with vegetables I guarantee you will get fuller and more satisfied very quickly. You can even buy frozen vegetables to cut costs – studies have shown that they are as nutritious as fresh vegetables and don’t lose their nutrients after packaging.

Eat a lot of protein

Whilst many may think that protein can be expensive, there are various other cheap alternatives that give you as much protein as meat or chicken. Canned tuna and sardines are my favourites! Also grains such as quinoa are a great source of protein and can be bought in bulk to save money – same goes for almonds and other (unsalted) nuts. Protein fills you up, aids muscle growth and repair and on top of all that, is delicious! Win!

Know where to go

You’re not going to get all the best bargains from one place – sorry to burst your bubble but it’s a fact! Local grocers usually have great deals on meat (much cheaper than the supermarket) and the quality is amazing. Farmers markets offer fresh fruits and vegetables for incredible prices. And supermarkets are great for the rest. If you don’t have the time to go to these different places then make sure to keep your eyes out for deals and buy in bulk when they do occur.

Those are just a few tips I’ve picked up along the way of my ‘healthy eating on a budget’ journey. I’ll be sure to share more with you soon so stay tuned!

Do you guys have any tips for eating healthily on a budget?


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