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#FrugalSucess Story – July 15th, 2012

#FrugalSuccess Story: Turning Your Passion into a Money Maker

Today is our very first Monday #FrugalSuccess Story and it comes from Elle Green (now “Chef Elle“), who took her hobby and made it into a career. You may have read about her story as it was published in quite a few places, but this is an inspiration example of how following one’s passion can pay off!

Elle Green
Elle Green

Elle Green was always known for her sweet potato cakes, and turned this talent and hobby into a buying a new car and eventually into a career. Originally, she had always given her desserts away for free to friends and family, but at the time, Elle desperately needed a car replacement. Her 12 year old car was well-maintained, but repeatedly stalled out – and on the highway, this proves especially dangerous.

As a result, Elle (with the idea and push from her sister) started a little menu card with a note informing family and friends that her potato cakes would cost $45 – $55. After nine months of waking up early in the morning to check orders, go to her full-time job, and bake cakes until midnight, Elle was able to save $15,000! Elle was able to use this money towards buying a new Toyota Yaris. However, it also launched her into a new business and gave her a fresh perspective of saving money and what that’s really worth.

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