How to Worry Less about Money

Money is a curious thing. It is a mere piece of paper, yet it determines our habits and goals in life. We are living in times when money is never far away from our mind, and worrying about it seems to be a real epidemic. But, we are supposed to be the master of this paper, not the slaves to its petty charm. Some people cannot even punch their way out of the paper bag, and have become consumed with the numbers game. When financial problems creep into your mind, they tend to linger there, and start to affect your mental health. It is necessary to break this negative cycle and avoid being in the constant struggle.

Less is more

The only way to worry less about money seems to be to worrying about it more at first. Yes, you cannot avoid the problem altogether, because it could only going to get bigger. Still, it is high time to get rid of those irrational worries and focus on legitimate concerns that call for some action. Plan things ahead and take a fresh look at your position. There is a way to be responsible with money and avoid the physical and emotional strain related to it. For example, instead of checking your bank account each day, designate a time of the week to examine your financial situation.

Another thing that will ease your mind is creating a budget. It can be a real eye-opener which helps you adjust spending habits. Moreover, try to build an emergency fund. Start saving money now and set aside some 10% of your income each month. That way, you will not be having a nervous breakdown when facing mortgage, rent, debt, medicine, insurance, and other financial pitfalls. Fear of the unknown is one of the main sources of stress, and when you have a financial backup, it diminishes. This may require you to cut the spending, which is a good thing regardless of whether there are pressing money issues or not.

One by one

Now, there are numerous ways to save money on smaller, everyday expenses. They involve changing your habits and cutting out luxuries and unnecessary spending. These may seem like small gains, but when they add up, they make a big difference. Yet, while these lifestyle adjustments certainly help, they do not lead you to facing the true monsters, major expenditures. If you want to avoid them hanging over your head 24/7, it might take more than self-encouragement.

One of the financial hydras preying on you is a mortgage. If it exceeds 33 percent of your gross income, you have every right to be concerned. But if that is not the case, there is no reason to bust your head. Furthermore, the savings should help you deal with problems like this as soon as possible. Next, see if you can reduce the costs of housing. Enhance the energy efficiency in your home by buying new appliances and LED lights, and embrace a green way of living. Also, sell those things you have hoarded over the course of your life and earn some extra cash.

Finally, it is time to turn your attention to expenses like education. Getting the best education for your kid is a noble cause, but also the one that could turn into a mission impossible. Some options like homeschooling alleviate the financial stress, but they require a serious investment of time and energy, and may affect the social life of the child. Furthermore, there are other ways to tackle the educational expenses like splitting the costs with other family members. One by one, big monsters are slain, and this lets you stay above the water without fear that sharks will swallow you whole.

The green menace

Money is a big stress inducer of our time, a menace that dwells in every home. It makes the world spin, but it does not need to have the same effect on your head. Waste no more time reflecting on your poor fortune, and do not come up with paper-thin excuses to support inaction. Establish a budget and commit to saving money. Eradicate debt and other financial black holes, and move on to the next obstacle on your list. When you take action and start seeing things in new light, you are improving the quality of your life. What could be more important than that?


Sonya Watts

Sonya is a passionate business consultant from Melbourne, Australia. She has a wide range of interests, including online writing, technology trends and marketing in general. However, she likes to share her own experiences in the fields of money saving, considering it’s her main focus.

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