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This week, I’m going to be focusing on the music industry and how it is becoming increasingly more democratized. We’ve been through the Napster days as teens and YouTube blew us all out of the water by letting anyone with a video camera upload their own music to the word. Today, I’m starting to see another wave of music distribution for young artists and it’s called TuneCore. Jessica wrote about it a week ago and after looking into it further, I felt it deserved another post about one of its artist services, ‘Track Smarts.’ 

Analytics for Your Music

As bloggers, Google Analytics helps us better understand what posts are resonating most with our audience. Tracks Smarts is like Google Analytics for musicians! It provides a number of useful reports for seeing which songs are the highest rated – and why. Major record labels have been using this technology for a while and it is now available for the masses, which is always exciting. Track Smarts also pulls reports and insights on how you are progressing in your music and how you can continue to advance in your career. Learn more by clicking here.

Tune Core Artists


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