How Human Are You? Take Reebok’s #BeMoreHuman Test to Find Out!

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I was watching this video from Reebok for a new campaign they are running based on your “human score” – a scientific analysis of your personality and what makes you ‘human’. So I thought, heck, why not take the test… let’s see what it has to say about me.

An absolute shocker… the results of the test have me down WORD FOR WORD. I’m shocked by how perfectly it ‘understood’ me. I got a human score of 74… I guess I have some more humanizing to do. 🙂 I’m missing some work on particular characteristics including fitness and sociability – very sensible considering I’m pretty lazy when it comes to working out and I’m a bit antisocial.


Then I took a look at how it described me as a brain buff  – someone who is actively studying and learning and … it’s fuhas a never-ending desire for knowledge. I don’t think anyone has ever been able to define me this well before.

Hey Brain Buff, you make for a pretty great human specimen. Brain Buffs do more than keep their bodies fit – they actively work to keep their minds sharp. With their curious nature and insatiable hunger for knowledge, they’re always on the go. For Brain Buffs, there is pretty much no end to self-improvement. There is always room upstairs to add more theories, ideas and wisdom.

They make it a point to regularly challenge themselves to think big thoughts way outside the box. And they are rigorous thinkers inclined to do their own research and ask questions rather than take information at face value. Smarty-pants Brain Buffs use all their intellectual gifts to help reach their fullest human potential.

I recommend you take the test as well! It’s a fun test with many thoughtful and provoking questions that have you thinking.. hmmm which wish WOULD I pick – ultimate wealth or health? Being a good person who has only bad things happen… or a bad person who has only good things happen?

Take the test and learn how you pair up as a human!

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