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Learning how to play tennis well is tough! I played tennis for a few years, but not by my own choice. My dad had a wild imagination and he always thought that I would become a pro sports player. Why, I don’t know because sports was never my talent. :/

Of course, this was back in the day before the internet was a household service.

Had I had the option then to look at great training sites like Oncourt Offcourt, I think my tennis skills would have improved greatly. I really enjoy listening to Joe’s Vlog and learning strategies that will help me in my serves and hits.  It’s actually pumping me up to get back on the court and give his tips a go. Maybe I’ll dust off the tennis racket! 🙂

Anyway, Joe and his team at Oncourt Offcourt are celebrating a 20 year anniversary. That’s an amazing achievement!

Here, Joe gives us some serving tips. I’ve never tried this towel thing… it’s an interesting test in effective serving!

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