Musicians: Don’t Lose Money – Learn How to Collect Royalties

In today’s day and age of the internet, easy downloading and sharing, musicians have to confront one big problem: their music being used and downloaded worldwide for free without their knowledge. With that comes a loss in potential income… for some musicians, that’s the difference between living off of their music and struggling.

TuneCore’s Music Publishing Administration is the answer to the royalty problem. Let’s take a look at an example: composer Brian Crain, whose compositions were actually used in some major films, uses this service. In his interview, you can read on how he managed to collect royalties that he didn’t even know about! (Really… it’s so hard to track use of compositions and music on a worldwide scale!)

We’ve discussed TuneCore before as we think it’s an effective way of getting your music out there on a global scale, but this service really adds a necessary benefit.

Read up on Brian Crain’s experience collecting royalties through TuneCore and how the music industry is evolving thanks to the internet. We’re sure you can pick up some great tips!

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