Make Some Extra Money with iTunes Pre-order from TuneCore

If you are a musician or songwriter, then you’re always trying to come up with exciting ways to amplify the hype of any new single or album you’re about to release. That’s where iTunes pre-order from TuneCore comes in!

This program is only one of the many options that TuneCore offers, but it’s potentially very beneficial to those interested in making some revenue + getting fans excited over new music. The iTunes pre-order program allows you to offer music on pre-sale on iTunes before it’s officially released. This can build hype from fans who are excited to get a chance to listen and own the music before it’s even released to the general public. You can check out the numerous benefits to this program here.

If music is your scene, and you want to expand your reach, fan base and revenue, look no further than TuneCore.

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