25% Discount: Preserve your Memories Digitally with SouthTree

We weren’t all raised in the digital age. As kids, the three frugal ladies had all their special childhood moments filmed in VHS tape. My mom even has Betamax tapes of when I was a baby! It’s a shame that these wonderful VHS tape memories and old pictures are just going to waste… we don’t have a VHS to watch it on, and even if we did, it’s not nearly as comfortable to scroll through the videos. The pictures are stored in the attic and we don’t even look at them!

That’s why it’s important to turn all your old photography, audio and tapes to digital media. Then you can have it easily stored in your computer, CDs, DVDs and external hard disks. It’s much safer, can last longer and is easy to watch and access!

If that’s what you’re looking to do, look no further. Southtree is the best company to preserve your outdated memories into digital formats, including tapes, cassettes, other audio, film and photography. They are having a 25% discount right NOW by using the code: blog25 by July 15, 2014.


If you’re interested in preserving your memories – do it now! If you wait too long, they might get ruined and lost forever.

Go to Southtree’s site to see how they work!

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