Celebs Living Frugal Lifestyles

Just because they are bathing in cash, doesn’t mean that some celebrities don’t know how to live frugal lifestyles! Here are just some celebrities who made our list – trust me, we were as surprised as you to discover the big names on budgets! Tyra Banks Despite Tyra Banks being worth 75 million dollars, she still knows that money doesn’t …

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5 Awesome & Fun Finance Resources


What are the first thoughts that come to mind when I hear the word, “finances”? Do you see numbers running across a screen, calculators, credit card bills, your wallet, ATM machines, tax forms? Do you cringe in your seat? Do you rub your head from frustration? Anyone see themselves diving into a pool of gold coins like Uncle Scrooge from …

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Getting in Shape on a Budget

Oh no! ‘Not another one of these types of articles’ I hear you cry! But relax ladies – this isn’t going to be another crazy article telling you to eat 5 carrots a day and work your butt off (literally!) It’s simply a pretty easy guide to follow if you want to actually follow through with your new year’s resolution …

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5 Easy & Frugal Ways to Make Yourself More Attractive On the First Date

Forgive us for being cliché when we use the phrase, “You never get a second chance to make a first impression.” But ain’t it the truth!? When it comes to dating, the first introduction is absolutely essential. Especially with online dating being all the rage in this day and age, that first impression has an even greater impact. So we are here to …

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Why You Need A Hybrid Car

We’ve all heard about Hybrid Cars but how much do we really know about them? And why is it worth it to buy one? Read on to find out! You’ll be doing your bit for the environment Ever wondered how you can do your bit for the environment? Well here’s your chance! Not only will you be doing the world …

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5 Tips for a Budget-Friendly Thanksgiving

thanksgiving meal

Are you hosting Thanksgiving dinner this year? Are you in charge of bringing the stuffing? If your responsibility is to bring more than wine to the Thanksgiving table, you likely have some work ahead of you. And because this is no ordinary meal, it requires strategy and planning ahead. If you’re hosting Thanksgiving dinner on a tight budget, the pressure …

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Budgeting with a Family

During these tough economic times, it’s never been as vital to create a family budget if you haven’t done so already. Whether it’s so you can save for that much needed family holiday, or simply get through the month out of debt, the time to start is now! 2013 has proven that the price of food, rent and fuel will …

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Top 5 Tips When Shopping for Car Insurance

geico commercial

Car insurance commercials hit it out of the ball park for me. From talking geckos to driving pigs and cavemen living in the modern day, the car insurance commercials have done their job well of imprinting their message in my brain. But, does it only take 15 minutes to save on auto insurance? Not exactly. When you are looking for …

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Budget Beauty Ideas

Most of us started experimenting with budget brand makeup in our teens – from orange foundations and way too bright lipsticks, it’s safe to say that most of our beauty blunders occurred in our teen years. Then in our early to mid twenties some of us started experimenting with high end beauty products like the Cliniques and Clarins of the …

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5 Ways to Save Money on Tires

You're spending far too much money on your tires, but we're here to help your budget. Read up and learn how to save money on your car's tires - it's that easy!

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