Save on Holidays

4 Tips for a Perfect New Year’s Eve Party on a Budget

A New Year’s Eve Party doesn’t have to break the bank - it just requires a little frugal creativity and good preparation for the countdown!

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How to Have a Greener (and Cheaper) Christmas

If you’re one of the countless people who feel they have at least an ounce of responsibility to the planet on which we all reside, then reducing your carbon footprint should be a priority in the coming month – and the best time to start is this Christmas season with the holiday gifts you give. Consider Local Gift-Hunting Just think: …

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Five Frugal Places for Holiday Shopping

You’re making those lists, but you cannot bear checking them twice. You know what the problem is: there are too many gifts and people and not enough money to buy everything. You want to play Santa, but you look more like Scrooge right now. How do you make everyone happy, disappoint no one and not send your budget into a …

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The Most Memorable Christmas Gifts that Wont Cost you a Dime (or hardly any)

Christmas is in the air and the excitement is all over the streets. From lights and Santa statues decorating our lawns to wreathes hung on the doors of our favorite shopping stores, strolling around outside this time of year has become a daily breathtaking and magical experience. With this kind of holiday atmosphere, it’s easy to get caught up in …

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Budget Ideas for Halloween

Halloween can be scary – scary expensive. But don’t fret, there are ways to save money by having a budget-friendly Halloween. We jotted down some ideas below! Save on the Costume Why spend so much money on a new costume that you will only use once? Instead, look for other good and cheap alternatives like: Using hand-me-downs Buying second-hand Checking for costumes …

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How to get the Best Halloween Costume Without Going Broke

It’s that time of the year again! The leaves are changing colors, the days are getting chillier, and it’s getting dark as soon as 5 pm. Halloween is just a couple of weeks away and the stores are jam-packed with costumes, masks, and accessories that have us all anticipating that day at the end of October when even us adults …

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The Best Budget-Friendly Gifts for Father’s Day

Father's Day

Many families happily celebrated Father’s Day this past Sunday. Update after update, my Facebook news feed brought me a collage of photos of new fathers, fathers from the 80s, grandfathers, and even fathers-to-be. I saw some families went out to a ball game (which is ‘baseball’ for Americans), others went out to brunch or dinner, and some enjoyed a good …

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Free Mother’s Day Gifts for your Mom

You don't need to buy a gift for Mother's Day. The best gifts are those that come from the heart. Here are a few thoughtful ideas to brighten up her day!

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Spring Break Without Breaking the Bank

spring break budget

This post goes out to our student (and teacher) readers and our own nostalgic selves. Who hasn’t wished for a Spring Break vacation or watched the parties on MTV from back in the day? Some of us may even have our own stories and memories from Mexico, the Bahamas, or Florida! But, if the parents aren’t paying the bills, planning …

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Frugal Valentine’s Day Gifts

Valentine's Day Gift Ideas

You don't need to spend a lot of money on Valentine's Day to show your love. Here are some great ideas on frugal Valentine's gifts ideas!

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