Investing in Preconstruction Real Estate

Investing in pre-construction development projects can be risky business - but along with risk comes the opportunity to make some profit!

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Basic “Exercises” To Get Your Finances in Order

Get Into a Frugal State of Mind First and foremost, being frugal is a lifestyle choice and requires some serious commitment. I’m far from one of those amazingly motivated people who manage to wake up and go running or swimming in the morning. I have friends like this and it almost feels like fitness and healthy living run in their …

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5 Reasons Why You Are Still Broke

Stuck in a financial rut that you just can't get out of? Well ladies, this is your chance to find out why you're still broke, and how you can fix it easily!

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Making Money From Your Living Room

Since the 2007 recession, most people have been feeling the strain financially in one way or another. Whether it’s not being able to go on that yearly holiday, or simply having to cut back on shopping, the terrible ‘R’ word has affected us all. If you feel like you are struggling to make ends meet, why not try to make …

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Most Popular Finance iPhone Apps

iPhone finance apps

Top 3 Personal Finance Apps Review I don’t know why, but checking your finances and managing your budget on your iPhone is a much easier – and even fun – process. It’s amazing how numbers, spreadsheets, calculations, and charts seem much more interactive and inviting when they are served up on your smartphone vs. on paper or even the computer …

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