Auto Insurance Rates: Men vs. Women

Insurance is so mainstream in today’s world – car insurance is compulsory, Obamacare has brought health care into the spotlight and with businesses, the recent spate of floods in America and across the world has brought the topic of insurance to the fore. While a lot of aspects of insurance are debatable, the age old question of how insurance premiums …

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What’s the Deal With Bitcoins?!


The debate over Bitcoin’s value and legitimacy rages on – not only on the television and newspapers – but during lunch breaks and over the coffee table with friends. Yet, with all the buzz and chitchat, how many of us have an actual grasp on what bitcoins are all about? How did it get started? Where can you get bitcoins? …

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Am I Too Young For Life Insurance?

Often when we’re young and invincible, life insurance is the furthest thing from our minds. After all, it is typically most useful at the end of one’s road, and most vibrant, healthy twenty-somethings can expect to keep rolling for quite some time, excluding a sudden and unexpected stop. From this perspective, it’s easy to believe that life insurance is unnecessary …

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Is Frugality Overrated?

In the personal finance world, there are many different types of bloggers. There are bloggers who are getting out of debt, bloggers who are focusing on early retirement, and pretty much everything in between. It’s actually pretty amazing that there are a million ways to talk about something as “simple” as math. I mean, when you get down to it, …

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Is It Time to Switch Your UK Bank Account?

Switching Banks in the UK

Today we have a great Guest Post from our friend, Keith McDonald from As he specializes in UK finance, this post will be especially valuable for those of you in the UK who want to learn more about the recent switching banking system and how you might be able to benefit. If you’re interested in sharing your own expertise …

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How do you read a credit report?

About to check the ever-frightful credit report? We show you how to fully understand your credit report and score. It's a lot easier than it sounds!

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10 Tips for Setting up a Usable Family Budget

10 Tips for Setting up a Usable Family Budget Money comes and money goes. The problem is making sure to know how much is coming and where it is going. Following are some tips for setting up a usable family budget. 1. The Percentages Experts recommend saving at least five percent of your income. You should also use 15 percent …

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Stand-Off: Credit Cards vs. Loans

In the battle between payday loans and credit cards, it might seem there can be only one winner – if you are looking just at the effective rate of interest you are being asked to pay. Like many things in life, however, the comparison might prove to be far less straight forward. Where Do You Stand on the Credit Cards …

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The magic concoction – Rigging frugal living with debt consolidation

Worried about your increasing debt? It's time to change your lifestyle and become more frugal! Read up on a few great lifestyle changes here.

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Crazy Ways to Make Money on the Side

extra money

So many of us have searched out ways to make extra cash and too frequently, the results lead us to dog walking, babysitting, selling our stuff, or even starting our own blog. All of those are great ways to earn money on the side, but lately I’ve been on the hunt to find some of the more unusual pathways… Our …

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